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The Band That Demands To Be Heard

Burnout Brighter: A Turn of the Century

With the motto "Breathe and Create," comes a band based out of the fighting city of Orange, Texas. This band doesn’t just have five regular guys trying to make it big, this band consists of five individuals that show their passion for art through the sounds that pierce our ears.

They create sounds like no other and if you found one similar please feel free to share. You ever wondered what Blink-182 and Real Friends would sound like if they had a baby? Well, this is their baby! Why express sounds of high school rookies when you can sound like the real thing? Okay, guys, I said that! Explained by the drummer Chris, "We just want to challenge ourselves as songwriters, and I feel like that’s really helping the music process."

Tanner comes strong with the sounds being vomited out his mouth called vocals, which we go so fangirlish over, but of course, his talent wouldn’t be a miracle without the heart of Austin and Alex’s exceptional guitar riffs. Somehow the completion wasn’t there yet UNTIL being combined with the bass strung of Reid. Oh, but wait, they have a drummer! Yes, the convulsive sounds of the percussion instrument make this band the thrill of the lifetime when added by the magnificent Chris.

While they haven't quite conquered the big state of Texas, Walter's Downtown in Houston seems to make the big pop for them. Being located in the amazing downtown area of the enormous city, it seems like this is where the boys would hands down come to celebrate with a full blown show. Even though The Texas Rose in Beaumont seems to be the favorite of this group, performing is a must and the awesome places they get to encounter just seem to be a perk! This band, like most bands, have started to accumulate the different advances and incredible moments to lock into their brains but nothing tops when their very own song "The Fall" became complete. According to Chris, it was the first "Wow, we've got something good" moment that made a big change within each member. I can guarantee that with the vocals of state champs and the rowdy beats up Neck Deep, this band is definitely on their way up. From different backgrounds, it’s amazing how much this band has accomplished.

This band has become semi-famous around the city of Houston. Whether it’s from the numerous shows at The White Swan, located on Navigation Ave, or even seeing them when they enter the different shows showing their support for big time artist. I personally remember meeting some of them back in 2016 at The Scout Bar, in Webster, Texas, but they’ve made some pretty interesting appearances to get recognized. Remember at the All Time Low concert at House of Blues in Houston back in April of 2015 and October of 2015, the lead singer Tanner, who looks oddly like Jim Carrey’s offspring, was the audience member to rock out with this impressive band during the show? Let’s not fret guys, you can catch them just being the average Joe in just about any place in Texas; these guys do a hefty amount of traveling. I have yet met another band that has the drive and desire to be something in this crazy world of rock.

If you would like to see this amazing band in action, feel free to catch them at their next show this Saturday at The Gig in Beaumont, then after that it's September 14th at The White Swan in Houston.

Steven Tyler couldn’t have said it better, “We believe that anything worth doing was worth overdoing,” and that’s exactly what this band is doing, going straight to the top!

Be sure to follow them on social media here!

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The Band That Demands To Be Heard
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