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The Best Band Merch Gifts of 2017

A special someone in your life might be the type of music lover who wears band tees every day. This holiday season is your chance to give them one of the best band merch gifts of 2017. Don't pass it up!

It can be hard to find a great gift for the audiophile in your life. Their closet already looks like a cartoon character's—black band tee after black band tee for every day of the week. You don't want to get them something they already have. Since the holidays are a special time of year, the gifts you give should be special, too! That's why we've compiled the best band merch gifts of 2017 in one place to give you some imaginative gift ideas.  

Punk Goes Christmas by Fearless Records

Fearless Records offers a particularly unique gift: Punk Goes Christmas. This record label is known for their series of Punk Goes... records, which typically features rock, pop punk and hardcore bands covering the latest top 40 hits. However, the label also does other themed records, such as Punk Goes Christmas. Give your music lover the gift of holiday music they can bang their head to.

Slipknot Beer Can Cooler by Real Swag Inc.

Metal bands have begun a trend of brewing their own beers to sell to their fans. Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is one famous example, but there are dozens more, including death metal band Amon Amarth's Ragnarok beer, Mastodon's The Hunter, and Killswitch Engage's Alive or Just Brewing. Band beers and beer coolers are some of the best band merch gifts of 2017 because, honestly, what's a better combo than music and beer?

I Love Ozzy Mug by Inked Creatively

If the person you're shopping for isn't a beer person, they can still enjoy their wine! Or, you know, coffee. If you've got a Black Sabbath fan in your inner circle, get them an Ozzy Osbourne coffee mug. The cool thing is this isn't your typical band merch. 

You can find mugs with virtually anything printed on them these days, and you can even custom print your own. So no matter what your friend's favorite band is, you can give them this fun and unique gift

Custom Vinyl Slip Mat by Rarwaves Imports

Vinyl enthusiasts love to customize all aspects of their collection, so they will adore this great gift. A quick search online will present you with hundreds of slip mat options, ranging from funny to artistic. People into psychedelic rock bands, such as Pink Floyd, would be stoked to get their hands on a colorful, trippy slip mat. There is a custom slip mat for basically every type of music lover.

And if for some reason you can't find exactly what you're looking for, there are websites that allow you to upload your own photo or design to print! Because this gift has the option of personalization and creativity, it has to be one of the best band merch gifts of 2017.   

Guitar Amp Key Holder by Pluginz Keychains

This product is a gift for musicians by musicians. Atreyu guitarist Dan Jacobs came up with the idea of making guitar amps a necessary part of your home. The guitar amp key holder is not a functioning guitar amp, but it does give your wall some musical flair.

Turn something practical into something fun for your loved one this holiday season. How does it work? Along with the wall mount comes a guitar jack to attach to your key ring. You simply plug the guitar jack into the decorative guitar amp and your keys will never get lost again — fun!

What makes this gift one of the best gift ideas is that Pluginz Keychains also offers guitar amp key holders that are tailored toward specific bands. A Beartooth fan can get their hands on a Beartooth-inspired guitar amp key holder, for example — so can fans of Of Mice & Men, Escape The Fate, etc. 

The Beatles Black Bezel Pendant Necklace by Crafting Mania

This wouldn't be an accurate list of the best band merch gifts of 2017 if we didn't help you accessorize. Plenty of musicians design their own lines of jewelry, be they necklaces, bracelets, or even plugs. Putting a gift like this under the tree is essentially like giving your loved one a direct gift from the artist. You can find accessories like these for countless bands and artists, regardless of if they were popular 50 years ago or 10 seconds ago. 

Sound Wave Art by Cumberland Coast

who is interested by audio mechanics and technology. There are several online vendors that specialize in turning your loved one's favorite song into an object containing a visual representation of the actual sound waves.

Sound wave art can be printed on virtually anything — wall prints, jewelry, pillows, etc. This unique gift connects the music fan with their favorite song on a whole new level. It's like a secret code made especially for them. 

Wooden Guitar Pick Box by seller

If you're a musician, you know that guitar picks disappear of their own volition all the time. It's like the Bermuda Triangle of the guitar world. That's why most guitarists have dozens of picks on hand all the time. However, you can give the gift of permanent guitar picks to your musician this holiday season!

It's harder to lose an object if you have a proper place for it. That's why the gift of a guitar pick box is one of the best band merch gifts of 2017 — it's both practical and personal. You can even have a small wooden pick box engraved with the first letter of that person's name, their full name, or whatever word or message you think would be best. Don't let your guitarist suffer any longer!

Band Patches for Battle Jackets

This one requires some creativity and hard work on your part, but if you love this person enough, you'll be ready and willing to do it! One staple (and often most prized possession) of a metalhead's wardrobe is a custom stitched denim jacket (called a battle jacket) with all of their favorite band patches on them. If you give your musician this thoughtful of a gift, they will love you forever.

In order to make this denim jacket, you will need to know their favorite bands (which, let's be honest, you should know anyway). You can shop online for band patches or you can go into a store like Hot Topic. Either sew the patches on to the jacket yourself or get someone who is more skilled at sewing to do it. (Doing it yourself is a much longer process, but it means more in the end.) When you're finished, you will have a killer, wearable collage that your music fan will cherish forever. 

Their Favorite Band's Skateboard

Even if your loved one is over their skater kid days, a customized skateboard can still be a great gift. Tons of bands make custom skateboards these days. They can use it as decor, add it to their band merch collection, or even take it out on the street when they feel the need for some wind in their face.

This gift would make a fantastic addition to any rocker's bedroom, living room or recording studio. It can also make them feel like a kid again, and that's always a good thing!

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for these best band merch gifts of 2017 right now!

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The Best Band Merch Gifts of 2017
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