The Best Logic Songs

Are these Logic's best songs?

Logic freestyles alongside Joey Badass. 

Logic is easily one of the most underrated artists in the rap game. Despite having all of the perks  the cult-like following, sold out tours, killer lyricism, two albums that went gold and another that went platinum  it still feels like he’s an underdog.

If so, he’s one of the biggest underdogs Hip Hop has ever seen. He has proven himself time and time again and yet, many in rap’s stratosphere are reluctant to accept him. Many are eager to criticize him. There was that time Freddie Gibbs accused him of stealing his album art, the outrage that ensued when he announced that his album would be called AfricaAryan (which is now titled Everybody), and the overall discomfort over him discussing his bi-racial roots.

Yet despite what his haters say about him, not even they can deny his rapping ability. Criticisms aside, Logic wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t talented and if he lacked work ethic. Everything he has attained has been constructed organically by him and his team, instead of microwaved for fifteen minutes of fame.

And now with his latest album behind him, and a pending new release that he has claimed will be his last, it’s time to look back at some of his best songs and verses.

Top 6 Logic Songs:

  1. Stainless"
    “Motherfuckers wanna get famous/ bust guns and get dangerous”. That’s how Logic commences his opening verse. What comes next is a technical onslaught. Logic’s flow over this 6ix and Dj Dahi instrumental is insane. Despite his speed, he annunciates every single word, leaving the listener hanging onto every syllable.

  2. We Get High
    This is a song from one of Logic’s early mixtapes: Young Sinatra: Undeniable. Although he has been open about the fact he doesn’t smoke, this song bodes well for Logic’s stoner fans. It doesn’t feel like a gimmick, and Logic delivers over this smooth C-Sick beat.
  3. The Jam
    At this point in his career, Logic had just released the Bobby Tarantino mixtape. It served as an appetizer to his next album. This is easily one of the best songs on this project. He adopted trap and auto-tune for this song’s aesthetic. On the chorus he croons, “What the fuck you mean you don’t know my name?” He boasts that he’ll “graduate to like Kanye/ music on another level, yeah I’m tryna take it further beyond Ye”. The culmination of bravado and urgency in his voice over a beat that slaps in your car makes this song exciting to listen to.
  4. Flexicution"
    Like “The Jam”, this song is also from the Bobby Tarantino mixtape. Here, Logic keeps it tight and simple; and it works perfectly. He asserts himself as a “rap God”, makes an Indiana Jones reference, and applauds his wife for “going hard with the squats.” With such a flare in his voice and an elastic flow, this song is Logic at his craziest.
  5. 1-800-273-8255
    The title of this song is the number for the suicide prevention line. Logic has been vocal about struggling with anxiety and depression in the past. He voices the inner turmoil that many who struggle with mental health feel, exclaiming on the chorus, “I been all alone I been taking my time/ I feel like I’m out of my mind/ I feel like my life ain’t mine/ who can relate?” It’s this transparency and willingness to connect to something bigger than himself that’s going to ensure that this song ages well. The message is worthwhile.
  6. Under Pressure
    This song is from Logic’s debut album, Under Pressure. Logic composes a narrative about his come-up and the pressure he feels from his fans and the people closest to him. Some of them want money, others want to know why he has been so distant. The first half of the song is from his perspective, and the second half of is from the perspectives of his loved ones. The instrumental is hypnotic, and provides the perfect soundtrack to his journey.

    So what do you think? Are these the best Logic songs?
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