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The Blinders

The band to take us into a Brave New World.

Source: The Blinders // Youtube

As a fellow Doncastian, I think I can speak on behalf of most when I say that Doncaster very rarely brings out anything sensational. So far the small town has brought us Top Gear legend Jeremy Clarkson, catwalk queen Samantha Rollinson and One Direction star Louis Tomlinson. It's been a long time coming, but Doncaster has finally gone and done it again by presenting us with three extremely talented young men: The Blinders.

The Blinders are the most excitable band I've heard in a very long time. There's something far more intoxicating about watching them perform compared to other artists; whether that's holding the gaze of Thomas Haywood's (lead singer and guitarist) piercing blue eyes, watching Charlie McGough (bassist) aim his bass at the crowd like a tommy gun, or simply watching Matty Neale (drummer) lose his mind while banging the shit out of his drum set – You're hooked. It isn't typical 'get your lighters out and sway', it's insane, deafening, powerful, political, punk-a-delic rock music that takes the crowd into another dimension, a Brave New World.

The Blinders // Ramona Flowers

The Blinders relocated to Manchester to pursue their music and studies, home to some of the most popular artists of our time including The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Oasis. Since their move, the band has been signed by Modern Sky Records and are set for stardom. However, the South Yorkshire lads have aways aspired to be anything but a typical Northern band living in the shadows of the "greats". They pride themselves on creating a well-balanced potion, consisting of their frames of mind, the people they meet and literature, which inevitably creates an unorthodox sound and offers a different approach to music in general. A key influencer in the band's style is Nick Cave, he is the person that inspired The Blinders to produce a narrative within their songwriting. For example, "Brutus" is filled with distorted yet beautiful sounds, combined with somewhat of a poetic nature when delivered by Tommy.

The Blinders' anthems mostly concentrate on contemporary political values and circumstances. "Brave New World", the band's latest release stands as a turning point; it's a thought-provoking, passionate and powerful piece that restores a strong element of revolution within everybody. The song taps into Donald Trump's presidential administration and the ever-growing notion that the Kardashian's have the world by the balls. I have watched The Blinders grow from strength to strength in their music and live shows. I have seen the band sing and play their hearts out to a crowd of ten people in Social, their local bar, and I've seen them revel in performing in front of hundreds - there's no sign of The Blinders slowing down any time soon, in fact, it's only just beginning.

The Blinders at the Jack Rocks Showcase

The Blinders will be hosting their first headline UK tour in February 2018, and they'll be hitting every major city including Manchester, London, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow. The announcement was music to fans' ears, given that the band has been more quiet than usual throughout the lead up to Christmas. But where have they been hiding for the past two months? The Blinders have been cooking up something magical, working their fingers to the bone at The Magic Garden Recording Studio. The band recently announced that they have been focussing on their debut album, something all of us will be ecstatic to hear in 2018.

The future is punk-a-delic. Oh and don't forget, "Trousers."

The Blinders Interview with Arianne