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The Carters - 'Everything Is Love' Review

Bow before royalty.

The Carters in the Louvre for their Apeshit Video

Their love knows no boundaries; the passion for their art, no limitations.

Together, The Carters—Jay Z and Beyonce—can’t be stopped. They’ve come a long way from “Crazy in Love” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” They even overcame infidelity and mistrust while being in the public eye. As they’ve grown, their music has progressed with them; Lemonade and 4:44 are vulnerable and introspective bodies of work.

They’ve already been "On The Run" together, so a collaboration album from them is all too fitting. Rumors have circulated for quite some time, creating high anticipation for this album. But who would’ve thought we’d get it this soon in 2018?

Everything Is Love is a nine-track exploit through their marriage, accompanied by their perspectives on business and injustice in America. Bold and braggadocious, it’s refreshing to hear these two pioneers on an entire body of work together. Best believe they’ve rekindled their chemistry.

“Summer” is a passionate, sexy, intro. Their soundscape feels organic—like it was created by a band and not made through Fruity Loops. It’s like the soundtrack to an evening on the beach, as the sun retreats and the champagne spills into glasses… or whatever expensive vessels The Carters drink from.

Their luxurious taste takes us to “Apeshit” next. With contributions from The Migos, The Carters flex like no one has before them. I mean, the Louvre? For the video? We don’t deserve all of this excellence in 2018.

It’s impressive to hear Beyonce rap too. Yet, Hov doesn’t bite his tongue one bit. He comes for the NFL: “I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me I don’t need you/ every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too.” He even brings up his Grammy snubs, “Tell the Grammy’s fuck that 0 for 8 shit.”

“Boss” finds them schooling the game about what it really means to be a “boss.” There are levels to this; Hov addresses those that would rather “work for the man than to work with me/" Around The Carters, you’re considered broke too if “everyone around you gets broke except for you.”

Hmmm… *scratches head*... Drake diss?

“713” is easily one of this album’s outstanding moments though. The hard-hitting piano and 808 instrumental is a powerful backdrop for Hov’s narrative. He takes us down memory lane as he recalls meeting Beyonce for the first time.

The outro is a poetic thank you to the black queens of the world: “To all the good girls that love hustlers/ to the mothers that put up with us/ to all the babies that suffered ‘cause us/ we only know love because of ya/ America is a motherfucker to us, lock us up, shoot us/ shoot our self esteem down we don’t deserve true love/ black queen, you rescued us”.

“Friends” is a hypnotizing, trap roaster. Beyonce turns into Trap-Yonce to serenade this dark instrumental. There’s mention of numerous people being there for The Carters, and how they’ve reciprocated this. “When I say free the dogs I free ‘em/ that’s how Meek got his freedom.” Hov is “geometrically opposed to you” if you like to “try angles(triangles)” and “troll.”

Hmmm… *scratches head*... Kanye West diss?

Essential Tracks

  • “Ape Shit”
  • “Boss”
  • “715”
  • “Friends”
  • “Nice”

The Verdict

Overall, I expected nothing less from this power-duo. This is one of their best projects to date. The On The Run Tour got a sequel; who knows, maybe Everything Is Love will get one too. This is easily a standout project in 2018, and definitely a top contender for album of the year.


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The Carters - 'Everything Is Love' Review
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