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The Current Angels & Airwaves Comeback Is Crucial for Our Political Environment

Angels & Airwaves are back in the studio, working on their forthcoming album 'Strange Times.' This upcoming album may be able to lift spirits in such a harsh political time.

Tom DeLonge playing effortlessly on tour with Angels & Airwaves

We haven't heard a lot from Tom DeLonge after his departure with Blink-182 in 2015. He's been a man of mystery, working on his newly founded company To The Stars... Academy of Arts and Science, which is a self proclaimed public benefit corporation that works on the likes of entertainment, science, and art. 

Mr. DeLonge has been quiet on the music front since his acoustic reboot of Angels & Airwaves debut album, We Don't Need To Whisper in 2017. The world has fell silent to the colorful, yet erie glow AVA illuminates with their music. 

We've been without Tom's elusive prolonged introductions that bring about a feel for the mood of a song, or his intriguing riffs and catchy lyrics. However, that silence isn't going to last too much longer, as AVA are back in the studio recording their forthcoming album Strange Times.

DeLonge has been leaking sneak peeks at what the sound of the album will be, and oh boy does it bring back that original sound Tom brought to the world with his space inspired project. Here are some Instagram videos posted by the man himself:

The music being brought forth is a perfect mix behind what Angels and Airwaves was founded on; spacey riffs, anthemic lyrics, and emotional backgrounds. However, it does bring an element from DeLonge’s past, that being grunge guitar tones and simplistic, yet synthetic rhythms that evoke emotion.

DeLonge backed that up not too long ago in an Instagram post, where he talked about the sound he wanted to chase for this upcoming album:

“Fast, dynamic, anthemic, and emotionally sincere. The new @angelsandairwaves should aspire to be just that. And I shall try my hardest to make it so...”

Earlier in the year, he also claimed that the album would bring a sense of what Blink-182’s 1997 album Dude Ranch sounded like. If that’s the case, get ready for some Angels and Airwaves on speed.

However, the importance of this legendary comeback isn't only about Tom making music. It lies under the fact that we're living in a very hostile environment. From recent political events to tragedies left and right, we need something uplifting in our culture.

Back in Angels & Airwaves' prime, they shared this identity; one where the music was an art piece. It hooked you and took you away from the clouded world around us, and brought you to a happy place.

For example, the song "Surrender" off of the band's 2011 album Love Part II, was so important during a time where politics were bleak and scary. From the war in the middle east, to an economic problem on our own streets, it brought attention that all would be okay.

If anything, the song is even more meaningful now, as the song's message is clear that the future generation of kids can choose their own destiny; find a way to create their own world and lead the charge into change.

With how harsh politics are today with the current administration in the United States, I'm sure we're going to get a strong feel off of this forthcoming album by AVA. If it's anthemic, just like previous records, we might just have something to help inspire, recharge, and remind us that the future is ours. More importantly, we're in control of it.

Maybe we'll be able to spread love like violence, as Tom has always wanted with this upcoming masterpiece from To The Stars.

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The Current Angels & Airwaves Comeback Is Crucial for Our Political Environment
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