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"The Few Things" by JP Saxe with Charlotte Lawrence

A New Duet on an Older Song

On August 10th, JP Saxe released a song with Charlotte Lawrence. The song was a duet version of a previously released song of Saxe's from March of this year.

My opinion on the song is a rather strong love. I absolutely love the song's lyrics, tone, and beat. Saxe's and Lawrence's voices perfectly mix to create a pleasant voice I would love to listen to anytime. The song gives off a rather calming tone, which is a personal favorite of mine when it comes to music. The quiet fade of Charlotte’s voice at the beginning of the song has to be one of my favorite parts of the overall song. It’s a perfect way to start off the song and gives a taste of what the song will sound like as it carries the overall tone. The ending of the song (even though I wish it never ended) is another favorite part of mine, their voices mixing to a fade of lyrics is beautiful and continues with the overall trend and tone of the song.

According to Saxe, this song took months to write as he wanted it to perfectly (or as close as it could get) portray the feeling he had in the song. Also him and his co-writers wrote the chorus seven times to become what it is now. It also took them multiple days to discuss the way they wanted to produce the song and how they wanted it to sound. It again, took multiple days to experiment with the production until it came to their liking.

On Genius, JP says many things about the song like, “This song was written pretty directly from my real conversations. In my last relationship I was told often that I 'wasn’t open enough' and that it made her feel like I didn’t love her enough to show her myself. I loved her so much that this sounded entirely ridiculous to me, and unfortunately I didn’t handle this conversation all that well. I would say, 'that’s so silly how could you possibly think that, I love you so much, don’t be dumb,' and in retrospect, definitely the wrong thing to say.”

Many of the lyrics have a deeper meaning than what they appear to mean. The song mentions the person is something they are sure of and know. JP says “The life he dreamt about, they were the one thing that was already there” about that lyric. One of the main things said in the lyrics is about insecurities and being scared of being open. This is a common problem in a relationship (or it at least seems like it is) for many people, which makes the song relatable and enjoyable to many people. I personally think a song is nicer to listen to when it is relatable, so this song could definitely have that factor.

The ending lyrics talk about how you may be scared, but you want them there, you want to keep on trying to hold onto the relationship. This is also said by JP on Genius, “When you feel like you’ve built your world by maintaining a control over yourself, emotionally and otherwise, someone asking you to be completely vulnerable, out of control and fully open, is fucking terrifying. I was trying though, terrified, but trying.”

Overall, I think this is a beautiful song that deserves all the attention it gets and more. The song has been able to accumulate 50,000 streams in four days and I hope it gathers more over time. JP’s and Charlotte’s solo works are also amazing and definitely worth a listen. 

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"The Few Things" by JP Saxe with Charlotte Lawrence
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