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The Future Bass Is Bright

Saw Waves and Choppy Vocals and All That Good Shit...

So, last week I gave myself an injury that has made walking, sitting, working, and general life pretty hard. My physio delivered some heartbreaking news and so, to try and cheer myself up, I have finally returned to my monthly mixes. I know, I am crap at keeping on top of it, but hey! I only missed March, to be fair, so I'm not doing that bad...I've decided to give you guys a little bit of Future Bass education. I know this genre isn't for everyone, but I love it, so I'm going to share my love with you....

The Future Bass movement started back in 2006, pioneered by Flume and Cashmere Cat. It is probably my favourite "genre" of music at this moment in time. I remember reading a comment on a YouTube video of one of the very first Flume tracks I ever heard that said 'This song makes me feel like I am living the dream even when I haven't done shit... I love music like that. It makes you forget how shitty life is for a second. You forget that you haven't paid your bills, that you have a break-out, that you've torn the tendon off the bone at the top of your hamstring when you were at your physical best and can't work out for at least a month (I could be venting). 

Future Bass steals from Dubstep, trap, and pop. It is generally characterised by choppy pitched up vocals, saw waves, arpeggiated plucks and all manner of musical wonders.

Think Flume, Marshmello, Louis The Child, San Holo, What So Not, Mura Masa, The Chainsmokers... it is a genre that stands apart from other dance music with its unique sound. There are also, of course, sub genres within the genres but I personally think that is ridiculous. How many sections do we need in our virtual record store?

In part because I am out for the count with this injury and I need some happy music to make me feel like things aren't really as bad as they definitely are, and also because summer is around the corner; the time for festivals, and pale Brits laying in parks with warm beer. We had our first glimpse of sun in London this week, and these are some of the tracks I was playing during our mini heat wave. 

I have also included the Why Me? remix of "Avicii - Without you." The dance community and the world in general lost a great talent this week (RIP Avicii) 

My stand out track from the mix is probably Matt Maesons' Sweater Beats remix of "Grave Digger." The drop gives me chills, and I had an amazing pole routine to it, until I fucked my hamstring...not that I'm dwelling and bitter...

I have created a 45 min flow through every emotion you could ever want/need, and here is the tracklist...

  • PLVTINUM - "What You Want (Tofu Remix)"
  • WhyMe? - "In Control" feat. Florence Rawlings 
  • Matt Maeson - "Grave Digger" (Sweater Beats Remix) 
  • Animal Feelings - "Pain Au Chocolat" feat. Thief (WhyMe? Remix)
  • Avicii - "Without You" (WhyMe? Remix)
  • Griz - "Stop Trippin'" (NGHTMRE Remix)
  • Cash Cash - "How To Love" feat. Sofia Reyes (Boombox Cartel Remix)
  • Creaky Jackals - "Freedom"
  • So Steezy X ZenAware - "Rose Quartz"
  • Flume - "Lose it" feat. Vic Mensa (Naderi Remix)
  • Alison Wonderland X Slumberjack - "Sometimes Love"
  • RUFUS - Innerbloom  (What So Not Remix)
  • San Holo X Droeloe - "Lines Of The Broken" feat. CUT_
  • The Chainsmokers - "NYC" (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) 
  • Big Gigantic - "All Of Me" feat. Logic & Rozes (Naderi Remix)
  • Flume - "Take A Chance" feat. Little Dragon

If you like this, please check out my other mixes and music and feel free to give me a follow...







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The Future Bass Is Bright
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