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The Gawd Returns: VI Seconds Announces New Album!

'All 4 Nothing'

VI Seconds has, at long last, announced a name and date for his fourth official project, All 4 Nothing. This, following the Lil Baby Beerus EP and several singles, will be The Gawd's first album of the year. It is due to drop February 1, 2019. The project was announced seemingly on a whim by VI Seconds on January 13th.

VI Seconds is an upcoming Brooklyn rapper (formerly known as Shizzy Sixx) known for his rapid flow, crazy punchlines, and slick wordplay. He made his first large splashes on YouTube, where his unconventional and unique anime rap gained him a cult following. He also participated in various projects with many prominent artists, including, Jarren Benton, Futuristic, Passionate MC, and many others. On every project he participated in, whether it be song or cypher, VI Seconds often stole the show with his rapid-fire bars and clever lyricism.

Although he released non-anime music all throughout his career, VI Seconds truly began to break out on the mainstream scene with the release of his debut album, Animated in 2014.  Riding the relative success of his first album, VI Seconds went on to release two more projects, Demigod in 2016, and Lil Baby Beerus in 2018.

VI reveals All 4 Nothing

Although Lil Baby Beerus was released in 2018, its short length (only four songs) and anime themes left many of his now increasingly mainstream fans hungry for a new project. Many hope that it will be closer to Demigod, his second album, in both length and style. At twelve songs and just shy of 52 minutes long, it was certainly a full project.  The songs on the album varied widely in style and tempo, allowing fans to really gain a measure of VI Seconds as an artist. Many of his most well-received songs come from the album, such as "Last Laugh," "3:30 am," and of course "The Gawd," from which his nickname stems.

We don't know much about this project officially, only the name and the release date. However, earlier in the month, VI Seconds told fans, 

"I am not touching this beat again unless I get @MONTANAof300 on it.

If y'all want the perfect closer for the trilogy, Montana's the key.

Tweet that man if you want it."

Montana of 300 is a rapper hailing from Chicago known for his aggressive, versatile, and unorthodox style, and is considered to be among the most lyrically inclined in the "new school" of rappers. He also has a unique habit of including his religious beliefs in his music in an almost completely secular genre. Many fans have noted a certain similarity between the two artists, and have been enthusiastic about a possible collaboration between the two since the release of Demigod years ago. It would seem the prayers of the fans may be answered on this end of the trilogy track.

Although nothing is certain, the trilogy VI refers to is most likely Demigod Rising, and The Gawd, which seemed to be a direct sequel of the former. It would also include this third work, thus far untitled, which would apparently feature Montana of 300. While this is certainly exciting news, the real question is: what does this mean for the rest of the project? VI Seconds rarely utilizes features on his projects, Lil Baby Beerus having none, and Demigod having two, but on the same song. Does this mean we'll get a project with VI Seconds bringing in more artists on his music? Will this be the only feature, similar to Demigod? We won't have any answers until the official drop on February 1st. Unless there's a leak.

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The Gawd Returns: VI Seconds Announces New Album!
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