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The Great Escape Makes Music a Great Escape

Indie Pop with Inspiration

This band doesn’t just sound cool, they look cool too. They look like the cool kids you want to hang out with at the dive bar. The ones that attract all the attention because they ooze coolness. The cool kids behind The Great Escape are Ingrid Andersson on lead vocals, Kristian Nord on drums and bass, and Malte Hagemeister on guitar. They even have cool names!

So, Universe In Bloom is the sophomore album from this trio of talent and follows three singles, some remixes, and some highly acclaimed mini docu-style music videos. It’s an album that will have you flashing back to some of the classic oldies in the musical world. From Nina Simone to Amy Winehouse, this album leaks talent all over the place. The Great Escape should be a household name.

“Good Day” is an excellent song, but watching the docu-style music video for it will give you something more. It’s a video that allows people from all walks of life to tell you what makes a “Good Day” for them. The song is a motivational and inspiring song and Ingrid seriously sounds like she’s channeling Amy Winehouse with that smoky and powerful voice. I have no favorite song on this album, they are all amazing, but I love to start with this one. It makes me have a “Good Day.”

"Good Day" Video

The docu-video for “Let Me Go Wild” is pretty intense. It’s sad to hear about people going through so many terrible things, but it’s inspiring to hear about the creative things they’ve done in order to survive. I can relate to this in so many ways. I have been abused and bullied my entire life, from my parents to my ex-husband to friends I thought cared about me. I’ve been homeless and lived in poverty. The one thing that allowed me to survive was creativity. I might not be Krump dancing, but I know how dancing, writing, and creating can be freeing.

The song “Let Me Go Wild” is great. Ingrid gets wild with her vocals and I love that. She still sounds like Amy Winehouse, to me anyway. I like that about her though. She has powerful vocals and a voice that will melt hearts and rule nations (sorry, I've been watching too much Game of Thrones).

"Let Me Go Wild" Video

The docu-video for “ I Can’t Resist” talks to people of older generations about what they’ve done in their lives. Have you done everything you wanted to do in life? If not, why did you resist? Don’t resist your passions or you’ll be losing out on some amazing things.

Ingrid gets softer with her vocals on this one. She kind of reminds me of my friend Emma Loo when it comes to the vocals on this particular song especially. It’s another powerful song.

"I Can't Resist" Video

The entire album is available on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure, and trust me, it will be pleasurable. The songs all have that 60s and 70s vibe to them. It’s pure music that has a dance beat to it and has a heart to it. It’s fresh and new. For fans of indie music that want something upbeat, you can’t go wrong checking out Universe In Bloom by The Great Escape.

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The Great Escape Makes Music a Great Escape
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