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The Latest on Snoop

Snoop Lion/Dogg? The Release of Snoop's New Album and More

Property of the NHL

In 2012 Snoop claimed to have abandoned his traditional name and was now focusing on encompassing the image of Snoop Lion. 

Fading in my memory I had quickly forgotten the 2012 premiere of "Lighters Up." However, upon the turning up of my earphones, I was quickly reacquainted with his familiar beat. First introduced with Snoop and Dre's "Still D.R.E.," I instantly fell in love with the song. Its catchy rhythm accompanied by great lyrics provided Snoop with the music credibility needed to win its way into my iPod. Despite having been a fan of Snoop Dogg my whole life, I had recently forgotten the years in which he had adopted the title of Snoop Lion. Although it had been notable, it was as if the concept had vanished.       

Claiming to have been reincarnated while in Jamaica, Snoop stated that he desired to embody Snoop Lion. Snoop started producing songs such as "Lighters Up" and "No Guns Allowed." He had begun reassembling a discography, this time taking inspiration from Reggae Roots. A documentary titled Reincarnated followed Snoop throughout his transition into Snoop Lion. Branding a Rastafarian look similar to Bob Marley, Snoop began preaching a message of peace and love.   

While maintaining an appreciation for his new songs, they were quickly lost amongst the rest of my music. With hits such as "What's My Name" and "Gangsta Luv," Snoop had already adjusted himself beside hip-hop's most prominent artists. Rising to fame in the early 90s, Snoop quickly overwhelmed the rap scene. After a lifetime of working with acclaimed rappers such as Dr. Dre on platforms including Death Row Records, Snoop has created an iconic image matched by few in the game.

In addition to his musical career, Snoop has spent plenty of time on the screen. Throughout the years, Snoop has had cameos in various media productions including Todd Phillips' Old School, as well as the silver screen appearing on shows such as Trailer Park Boys, an authentic Nova Scotian television show of which I am a fan. Snoop has continued expanding his business opportunities, most recently seen on YouTube providing an advertisement for the NHL playoffs. 

In addition to the media related to Snoop Lion was an Instagram page. The page displayed various posts surrounding Snoop Lion, however, despite an abundant amount of likes, the page became inactive in 2015.  Snoop Dogg has since retired to his old Instagram where he comments on the current state of the world's politics, openly criticizing Donald Trump's presidency and providing worthy memes. An overview of Snoop's Instagram account will also reveal his marijuana use. Marijuana, a plant which has been apparent through his career. Often displaying the benefits of weed use, Snoop is an avid marijuana smoker who regularly endorses the plant's medical and recreational use. Snoop is what I would refer to as the Chronic King.  

Despite having dropped the name Lion, Snoop has continued his advocacy regarding peace and love. While on Jimmy Kimmel he stated that he intended to "make something to represent peace, love, and happiness." Earlier this year he began releasing gospel songs including "Blessing Me Again."  

It is as if Snoop has become somewhat of a revolutionary aiming to change the problems of the world and maintain a peaceful one. Perhaps delivering the message of Snoop Lion while maintaining the identity of Snoop Dogg.


(2012) Lighters Up [Snoop Lion] Reincarnated

(2012) No Guns Allowed [Snoop Lion] Reincarnated

(1999) Still D.R.E. [Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg] 2001

(1993) What's My Name [Snoop Dogg] The Next Episode

(2009) Gangsta Luv [Snoop Dogg] Malice in Wonderland

(Daniel Goldberg) (Todd Phillips) (2003) Old School [Motion Picture] United States: Dreamworks Productions

(Bobby Newmeyer) (Antoine Fuqua) (2001) Training Day [Motion Picture] United States: Warner Brother's Pictures

Mike. Clattenburg. Trailer Park Boys. Canada

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The Latest on Snoop
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