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The Long Dark Road Brings Some Long Dark Hardcore

Music That Is Loud And Proud

The new 4-song EP from The Long Dark Road is loud and in your face. If you are not a hardcore fan you might not get this music, even though it is really worth listening to. The band hails from Toronto, Canada and is Jeremy Cavan on Guitars and vocals, Rufus Cavan on Bass, Toby Cavan on Drums, and Vanin Ferall on Guitar. However, the two permanent members of TLDR are Jeremy Cavan and Rufus Cavan. Since recording, Liam Frith and Quin Henderson have been hired to fill the touring void.

Listen to and Buy the Album

When you begin your ear assault by listening to this EP available on Bandcamp (you can even order it on vinyl), you will find the first song, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” to be a loud and distorted thing of beauty. The instruments and noise drown out the vocals for the most part, but that is kind of the point when it comes to this type of music. It had me flashing back to some of my favorite old school Grand Rapids shows with bands like Bear Vs Shark and Heads Will Roll. The instrumental onslaught of this song will have you salivating for more. These four musicians are definitely adept when it comes to creating a steady sound in the world of hardcore jams. This song lasts just short of ten minutes and is mostly some powerful instrumental metal, but you just can’t stop listening until the end. The band describes this first song as “a song referencing an economic concept by Garret Hardin which argues in favor of total private ownership of all things- air, water, soil - to have an impetus to protect them.”

“I Will Follow” has a different sound than the first track. It is mostly some teeth grating guitar work with some ranting instead of singing. It’s definitely still a hardcore song, but not really my cup of tea. I much preferred the sound of the previous track. The band says this song “touches on the willingness of those excluded to belong and how those in positions of power will leverage this longing for advantage.”

“The State of Our Union” starts with some powerful guitar work. And is a little reminiscent of some old school metal, like Iron Maiden. However, it’s still a hardcore band with that particular type of style and sound. This song has a better feel to it, to me, than the last one. I like the anger and power in this one. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to break things, or at least bang your head and maybe do some slam dancing.

“The Long Dark Road” finishes the EP off with a crazy sound. It’s powerful, but it has a manic feel to it (I like it that way). Again, the song is powered by the instrumentation as opposed to the lyrics. The guys put a lot of work into their playing (and singing) and it shows in their talent for shredding. There is a point when this song slows down some and I almost get a Pink Floyd feel to the sound, but that doesn’t last long.

Fans of metal, punk, and hardcore will be able to find something they like in the sound or words of these songs. It’s heavy, but it’s not so heavy that you can’t get into it. The first song will remain my favorite, and I am glad they started the album with that one. They have been compared to Deafheaven, Refused, Propagandhi, Baroness, Oathbreaker, Bosse-de-nege, and Lantlos (a bunch of bands I have never even heard of). Whether or not you’ve heard of those bands, if you like it loud you’ll enjoy this sound.

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The Long Dark Road Brings Some Long Dark Hardcore
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