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The Magic Of Rondé

Stevenskerk, Nijmegen

We already knew that they can transform a festival site into a party, that is not really a surprise. But this summer, Rondé had also planned a gig in the Stevenskerk (Nijmegen) and that is something quite different. I was so happy to get my hands on a ticket only a few days before because this is one of those gigs that you really do not want to miss. 

The Stevenskerk in Nijmegen is a very unique and beautiful location. You already felt the intimate atmosphere while entering the church. Immediately, it was clear that this would be a very special evening. The audience was remarkably different, but it definitely fit the vibe and the semi-acoustic setting.

The band, the songs undressed, very pure and Rikki’s enchanting but fragile voice… It is what created a new magical dimension. The drums had to be more modest because of the echo, but that is absolutely no problem for drummer Sharon Zarr. He did an incredible job. The band definitely thought about the location. No keyboard this time for Adriaan Persons but a beautiful grand piano which fit the church-setting perfectly.

Rondé's latest single - Headlights

From the first note of ‘Do You Feel’, it was clear that you would be part of a very unique performance by Rondé. A song that – even more than before – definitely caught my attention was ‘Go’, it sounded so beautiful thanks to the acoustic of the church. Goosebumps all over the place with the more quite and emotional song ‘Let This Moment Last’. ‘City Lights’ was also back on the setlist, which I definitely liked since I really missed that song at Wantijpop. The setlist underwent a little metamorphosis, no Run remix this time, but a new song called ‘Difference’. A scoop at a very unique concert. ‘Difference’ sounds different than the debut album, more electronic. A little Oscar and The Wolf, The 1975, The XX, Cigarettes After Sex … But most of all that typical Rondé sound. An emotional moment when the band played ‘Parade’, a song that they hadn’t played live for a long time. Vocalist Rikki Borgelt devoted the song to her father who passed away and it was a very beautiful and touching moment. Rondé concluded the evening with their hit ‘Run’. The applause filled the whole church but created an incredible energy at the same time. It is true, music unites people. The standing ovation at the end was not even close to what they deserved. So extremely good!

Such a beautiful and magical performance, Rondé proves again how incredibly talented they are. For me, it was very special to be at this concert because you already know that this won’t happen again soon. Every piece of the puzzle fell in place, a perfect moment.

Sharda – The gig in the Stevenskerk was very special to me because of the unique location. I saw the band already on various stages, but this one was exceptional. On the internet, I read that the echo in the church was about 8 seconds. Definitely a challenge, especially for this band. I was very curious and did not really know what to expect. It was the most extraordinary show I have ever been to. And the new song (Difference) is so good!

Petra – What made this show so special, to me, was the vulnerability. No full drum kit, acoustic guitar, grand piano. It gave the music a whole other dimension, even though it were the same songs. Furthermore, you could see that the band really enjoyed it. It is so beautiful to see people so committed to doing what they love most and enjoying every note they play or sing. I sat through the whole show with a big smile on my face and I can’t but say that this was the best and most beautiful show I have seen from Rondé.

Love, Leni 

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The Magic Of Rondé
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