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The Pop Stylings of Christian Heath

Song Review

Christian Heath is a musical artist that hails from Johannesburg and is mostly known for creating romantic ballads that make people fall in love with his music, and each other. His music isn’t all about love and romance though, he has stepped out of that musical feeling from time to time to make something a little more funky and a little more danceable.

Heath started out with a band, but found that he could do more as a solo act and started off on his own in 2016. Like many musicians who have done the same thing before him, he wanted to have the chance to put his all into making music that he was passionate about. There are currently five singles you can check out on Spotify, but let’s talk about the “One” off his upcoming EP.

“One (A World Song)” has kind of a funky beat, but it starts with a mellow beat that draws you into the sound. The title makes you think of songs like “We Are The World,” a song that speaks of peace and hope and loving your fellow man. This song, however, is more about understanding your own importance, as well as standing together to make the world a better place. We sometimes forget how much of a difference one person can make.

This song features Infidelix. It has a rap segment that really helps you get an understanding of this song and its deep meaning.

While this isn’t a song you’re going to want to get up and dance to, it has a toe-tapping, sway factor that won’t let you sit still while it’s playing. It’s a heartfelt song that will definitely give you a case of the feels.

If you’ve given this track a listen and found it was a little too slow for your taste, don’t be discouraged. Take a listen to some of Heath’s other songs, namely the funky track “Magic.” You can’t judge a musician by one song, just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Magic,” one of Heath’s most talked about songs to date, still has that love and romance feel that fans of Heath have come to expect, but this song has a seriously groovy beat that will get you up and moving. It was difficult to even stay focused to write about the song while it played, because it had me wanting to get up and move. While “romance” songs of the pop-music nature aren’t normally my thing, I did dig these songs a bit.

Heath has a talent for making music that is enjoyable in many ways. From slower songs that make you fall in love, to songs that empower you with their lyrics, and songs that make you want to get up and dance, there’s a little bit of something for anyone that enjoys pop music.

This is not music for rock n’ rollers, punks, or country music fans. It is deep-seated in the pop sound. I wouldn’t be surprised to start hearing Heath on the top 40 pop radio around the world in no time (although I don’t really listen to the radio, and when I do I listen to local music or 80s).

What I’m saying is, you don’t have to be the biggest fan of pop music to enjoy some songs by this sensation. He’s a talented performer with a lot of great things to say and share with the world. Give it a listen. Move on if you don’t like it. If you do, then you just added some new music to your life!

This pleasurable pop music was brought to you by the good people of Whiplash Pr & Marketing

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The Pop Stylings of Christian Heath
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