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The Sandboys Embrace Their “Glitches, Imperfections and Glorious Quirks”

Music That Will Inspire You

I love it when I get the chance to listen to new music that really intrigues and inspires me. As a ukulele student myself, at the moment, I seriously love hearing bands and musicians do songs on the uke, and The Sandboys have made some seriously cool tunes with this little instrument.

When you start listening to this little collection of peppy tunes you’ll find that it is an extremely creative and eclectic endeavor from a band out of England. Each song has a unique sound, especially with the addition of the ukulele. It just makes the songs feel different than what you’re used to hearing. The band calls their musical style “Cellele music.” According to their press release, the style is “quirky songs that range sonically from the cheerfulness of the ukulele to the broody and emotive cello (and everything in between).”

Warning: These tunes will get stuck in your head. That’s OK though, they’re good. Earworms only suck when they’re bad music that gets stuck in there and won’t let go no matter what else you listen to. Glitches, imperfections and glorious quirks seems like a suitable name for the fun tracks that abound on this EP. 

Give it a listen

“Wish For The Best” opens with a delightful horn and uke blend that gives you a ska music feel, although the song is a little too slow for that. I thought this song sounded like it could have been something by The Beatles if they had horns and ukes in their music. I loved the beat of this song, it’s a toe-tapper, and I enjoyed the lyrics immensely. 

“Don’t waste your time being careful what you wish for, wish for the best.”

“Drive You On” starts with a sound that could only be described as hillbilly meets classic Americana. It’s a quick beat, but the vocals keep that Beatles-esque sound to them. This song has a little too much going on in it, so it’s my least favorite on the EP. I don’t hate it, but it takes some getting used to. It’s just a really busy (but still fun) song.

“Count Me In” focuses greatly on one key of the ukulele, with other instruments quietly playing in the background. It gives it a unique sound. The horns give it a bit of a boost and keep you interested. The vocals are aptly described as crooning in this particular track. It’s a song that will make you long for some time on the beach, watching the waves, and warming your feet in the sand.

“Like I Used To Be” is another track that has a little bit of a country sound to it, but it also has a bit of a pop-sensibility. It’s a very vintage sounding song. I could picture hearing this track in a commercial, it has that kind of likeability.

“Path Of Least Resistance” is my favorite track on this EP. It’s slow melancholy sound has a delightful darkness to it. As someone that has their heart stolen by gothic songs and stories, I really found it hard to skip past this song even after I’d listened to it numerous times. It’s darker, but the lyrics are still inspiring, uplifting, and motivational.

“More Than Enough” is another peppy song that puts a lot of emphasis on the horns and ukulele. “My jeans are hanging by a thread.” It’s a song about being happy with what you’ve got. Too many of us spend too much time worrying about what we don’t have, this song reminds you to be grateful for what you do have.

I love this album. If you like good, happy music, you just might love it too!

This ukulele-rich collection of delightful tunes is brought to you by the good people of Whiplash Pr & Marketing

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The Sandboys Embrace Their “Glitches, Imperfections and Glorious Quirks”
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