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The Soft Underground Explore Their “Ghosts”

Song Review

A little under a month ago I shared a killer “Seattle-sound” song track with you from the duo known as The Soft Underground. If you don’t want to read through my review of their song “Rachel,” here’s a little refresher on who this band is and what they sound like - 

"Rachel" song review

They are an NYC-based duo that pays homage to the 90s Seattle scene with music reminiscent of all of the greats from that time in musical history (think STP, Chris Cornell, and the like). They are working amazingly at bringing back a sound I loved dearly and have longed for a couple of decades now. I am in love with this band, after only two songs - I long to hear this entire album they have coming soon.

If you were never a fan of the Seattle Sound, I still feel like there is something special to this music that you could sink your teeth into - so give it a listen anyway. You just might be surprised.

Described as shoegaze meets alt-rock on their press release for the single “Rachel,” this new song has a different feel to it (I’ll get into that later). I like that these two songs have different sounds, and it says something about the talent behind this band.

The Soft Underground has been together since 2010. They are Andrew McCarty on drums and Charlie Hickey on guitars. To round things out, they bring on guest vocalists for each song. It gives the band a unique sound, style, and feel.

Releasing on the 27th, Morning World is the sophomore album for The Soft Underground. And, before it hits the “shelves”, here is a look at the newest single, “Ghosts.” You’re going to love it!

Listening to “Ghosts”

Give it a listen

“Ghosts” begins with what will fool you into thinking this is an upbeat song - this is, in fact, a deep song full of dark imagery and well thought out lyrics. It’s a song about life and death, it’s a song about the dark side, it’s a song about connection… I feel so much coming from the lyrics of this track that each person that listens to it could take something different from it.

We turn our heads, even when we see that something is wrong. Death is something we step around. “Gone, we’re all gone.” Is this song questioning if we’re ghosts of ourselves? This is one concept I think when I listen to the lyrics. Each time I listen through I hear something new in the words; I interpret them differently. It almost seems to have a political-vibe to it.

What I Like About “Ghosts”

Not only did I enjoy the different beat of this track, compared to “Rachel,” but I also liked that this song could have so many meanings interlaced within its dark seeming lyric. I also dug the singer’s voice on this track - he has an eclectic sound giving the track a worldly vibe.

I did miss that fuzz rock sound from the first song though, and I do have to say that of the two, “Rachel” is my favorite track. We’ll see how these hold up when I finally get my hands on the full album! I have a feeling that it will be difficult to choose just one favorite when faced with an entire album of tracks to choose from.

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The Soft Underground Explore Their “Ghosts”
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