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The Songs From 'The Letter' Are Pretty Damn Good!

Great music from a great game.

Ashton Frey & Isabella Santos

I'm not gonna lie: this game has broken my heart, disturbed my sleep and emotionally wrecked me. At the same time, it made me fall in love with their characters and make me feel like part of the Luxbourne gang. I've started playing the game last month, and since then, I've already written several pieces of fanfiction and a few articles about the game already. I briefly mentioned in a review that I loved the music in the game. A lot of video game music always struck a chord with me because it's made specifically for that game; it's more personal and easy to relate to. 

In The Letter, there are three songs with lyrics, and whilst the rest of music on par is good and appropriate for its genre, these songs are amazing. The game exceeded all my expectations with how much detail and professionalism went into the game.

In other words: I think it's a perfect game. And those tunes are bangers. If I heard them on the radio, I would raise the volume. I sent a link of the songs to my friend on messenger and she thought they were great too. 

Letters Goodbye

Performed by Amanda Lee (LeeandLie on youtube), this song's been covered by Elsie Lovelock aka Sweetpoffin, which the file is pinned on Yangyang mobile's discord server. A rock band called Veralia have got their own version too. Coincidently, Lee and Lovelock provided the voices for the characters Isabella and Marianne respectively. The song reminds me a lot of the older music from Evanescence and other female-fronted bands that were a pinnacle of my teenage life (Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation for example).

The lyrics are amazing and have some really poetic imagery that really relates to the games and its characters. The song is used in the animated opening of the game. The anime-style introduction is awesome and gives a good glimpse of what sort of routes you can go with through the visual novel depending on your choices. 

Regardless of what choices you make in the game and who lives and who dies, the sense of peril never goes away. And the song really shows that. If you didn't know anything about the game, you would still be able to enjoy the song and get a good idea of what it's like without the dreaded spoilers.

Lone Heart Beats True

This song performed by Elsie Lovelock is played during the closing credits of the game. An instrumental is played during the epilogue of the game, then it goes straight into the credits. I love the fact that's the voice actress for Marianne singing the song. At the same time, it also sounds like it's the voices of the characters crying for help. The title lone heart beats truly can be connected to the route where Ashton dies alone where he says, "lone heart beats for one last time." 

Like Letter's Home, the lyrics are really well written and jam-packed with emotion. It's a really cute ballad.


This song is only played during the true route where only Isabella, Zachery and Rebecca survive and Luke burns the mansion and goes in the attic to succumb to the flames and smoke. He hopes to be reunited with the wife he murdered and we see the ghost happy. 

My first play through of the game was when Luke and his wife, Hannah survive and Rebecca was alone. But Luke and Hannah managed to patch up their messed up marriage and become loving parents. There are other routes where they divorce and end up with other people.  My last play through of the game was the true route. Seeing how both different they are and having played most of the routes of the game, I know what could have been for them.

It makes me go, oh can't they have a happy ending? I know Luke is an alcoholic asshole but it's hard not to love him or feel sorry for him in the end. The ambient ballad only highlights the cruelty of the ghost whilst pushing the human characters from the game into utter ruin. 

These three tracks are exceptional and I've had them on repeat most of this week. I hope you enjoyed the songs as much as I did. The full version of Letters Goodbye along with Fly and Lone Heart Beats True are available to buy on Steam

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The Songs From 'The Letter' Are Pretty Damn Good!
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