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The Top 5 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

Taking a Step Away from "Let It Be" and "Here Comes the Sun" and Diving into the Unknown Years and B-Sides of the Beatles

Credit: Rolling Stone

I fancy myself a Beatles fanatic, so I have spent countless hours listening to every Beatles song ever produced to the masses. Like everyone, I, too, love the classics from Let It Be and Abbey Road, but the Beatles are truly one of the greatest bands that have ever lived because of their wide selection of incredible songs. Let's take a look at the top 5 most underrated Beatles songs.

5. "All Together Now"

This Yellow Submarine gem is more than just a catchy tune—The melody is downright infectious! It was primarily written by Paul McCartney during the writing of Magical Mystery Tour, but released as a cheery, childish song on the Yellow Submarine Soundtrack. However, this is more than just a song for children to sing-along to. The song symbolizes the belief of a universal spirit and happiness, echoing cries from popular masterpieces like "We Can Work it Out" and "Let It Be," but in a lighter manner. 

4. "Tomorrow Never Knows"

George Harrison wrote this brilliant piece after his experience in India. The piece is often overlooked as weird, or straying too much from the normal sound of the Beatles. But what makes the Beatles so great is their ability to make great music not just in pop, but to push the boundaries of modern rock. The blend of classic European and American rock with the native Indian instruments is ethereal, and a surreal experience for the listener.

3. "Flying"

This song is one of the Beatles' few songs in which there are no lyrics. The song starts with a simple rhythm and gradually adds diverse harmonies and melodies. The Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack features Lennon on the mellotron, which has a smooth sound, reminding the viewer of beautiful rolling hills with picnics and kites flying.

2. "Rock and Roll Music"

When you listen to this song, your body can't help but dance. More than 50 years after its publishing, this piece still holds up. From Beatles for Sale, the song draws on influence from Chuck Berry, and the piano acts as the percussion rather than the melody. Forget your insecurities, and dance to this song!

1. "Mother Nature's Son"

Coming in at No. 1, "Mother Nature's Son" is a song often overshadowed by the classics of side 1 of the White Album. But this song deserves to be in the ranks of the greats. The song is inspired from the Beatles' times in India, and was written mainly by McCartney during the most tension-filled times of the White Album recordings. Listening to this song will have you imagine sitting by a stream in a meadow, and will relax you immediately. 

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The Top 5 Most Underrated Beatles Songs
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