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The Twindows Bring a Quirky Presence to Punk Rock

New album coming in March.

The Twindows are an amazingly awesome band that hails from Harrisburg, PA. I say this about them after only listening to two of their songs, and I say it from my soul. There is just something so raw and powerful about this band that only accents the “quirky” vocals of their female lead singer. I say “quirky” only because that’s the description they use in their own band bio.

The Twindows are Aster Grimm on vocals and guitar, Kyle "Shaggs" Anderson on bass, guitar, and vocals, Caleb Banas on guitar and bass, and Oskar Daoud on drums. A collection of talented musicians that have created a unique sound that can only be compared to the likes of the Pixies and the Breeders.

Heavy on the punk rock side of things, The Twindows have an alternative rock vibe that makes for an addictive, grungy, raw, and creative sound you’ll love listening to (I did). It’s truly punk music though. It has the killer riffs, that raw sound, and Grimm’s vocals seriously lean to that female-fronted punk sound.

So, The Twindows have a new album, Valkyrie 2.0, coming out in early March and they currently have two singles available for your listening pleasure. You can check them both out on their Bandcamp page

The most recent of their two singles to be released is “Forgiven.” The first thing I thought of when I listened to this song was a local female-fronted punk band here in Grand Rapids that always intrigued me with their sound. I highly recommend you check out First Curse, especially if you like what you hear from The Twindows. 

“Forgiven” starts with a guitar beat that gets you into that punk mood. You want to move, you want to be on a dance floor flailing around. And then Grimm’s vocals kick in and you’re completely enamored. Grimm does some pretty cool things with her voice, which adds to the unique sound of this band. I don’t even know how to describe what she does, but I love it.

“Forgiven” has great lyrics to go with the excellent vocals and the powerful instrumentation. There’s just nothing not to love about this song. If you like punk music you’ll love this. If you’ve wanted some heavier alt-rock to sink your teeth into, this is it.

The first track to be released off of Valkyrie 2.0 was “Pulp.” This song is just as raw and punkish as the other track. There is a video for this one on Youtube.

Check it out

They say that videos are an integral part of the indie music experience and that bands need to put some good time and money into their music videos to make them watchable. I think you just need some bad ass music to back things up and your video can pretty much be anything.

The video for “Pulp” is extremely artistic and fun. But what I love most about it is this song. The video simply enhances the listening experience.

This is a political song. The lyrics are political. The video is political. But, there are plenty of bands and musicians that use their music to express how they feel about the political atmosphere. I like the sound of this song, even if politics is one of my least favorite subjects. This one has a lot of extra grit.

What The Twindows offers you is some music that isn’t what you’re hearing every day on the radio. They’re giving you something, instead, that you’d find in your favorite dive club. It’s music that punk kids can dig. It’s music that rockers can dig.

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The Twindows Bring a Quirky Presence to Punk Rock
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