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There is Plenty of Cool in Jordan Alexander's Music

A pop soundtrack for love or a broken heart.

When you’re personally picked by Bif Naked to go on tour, it says something about your awesome pop stylings. Jordan Alexander is pretty awesome, and the hype around her is well-founded, even if I am not a fan of her single, “Cool.” Oh, trust me, the EP harboring this song is pretty great, I just am not a fan of that one song… Here’s why:

It literally sounds like two completely different songs were written and then mashed together to make a musical menagerie that doesn't play well together. The lyrics are great, Jordan’s vocals are great, I am just not a fan of the change that happens each time she goes into the chorus. It’s confusing and it just doesn’t flow smooth through the transition. This is also just my opinion, and with the fact that I love the rest of the songs it shouldn’t give you any reason not to check it out for yourself.

Listen to "Cool"

That’s just one song though. It’s one song out of ten on ‘The Lonely Hearts Club’ EP. One song that makes some bad decisions on how it should sound. The rest of the album makes up for it. And who am I to completely judge and downplay the talents of someone that was named as a “Queer Ones To Watch in 2016” by Diva Magazine and coined as "the next gay pop star" by AfterEllen. Yes, she does have some great pop sensibilities, and while she’s no Pink or Lady Gaga, I’d liken her vocals to Halsey.

As far as the rest of the album goes, I like it. “Take Me Out Tonight” is a happy little pop song. It has a relaxing and mild feel to it but speaks volumes. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. “Fade Away” is kind of a sad song. If you’ve ever had bad things happen to you, or done to you, it’s a powerful song to listen to (make sure you really hear the lyrics).

The fact that Jordan has only been performing since 2013 is not evident in her talent, she sounds like an old pro. She was inspired to start her career as a singer-songwriter after her girlfriend bought her a guitar and signed her up for a talent competition (which she won).

Many of the songs on this EP remind me of Halsey, whom I am a huge fan of. If you like Halsey’s haunting music and beautiful vocalizations you’ll definitely enjoy listening to Jordan Alexander as well. Start with “The Great Escape”, “Love & Alcohol” and “Need Your Love”, if you want to hear exactly why I make that comparison.

As far as beats go, my favorite song on this album is “I Should Go Home.” However, I also really like the title track. Of the ten songs on this EP “Cool” is the only one I didn’t think was all that cool. The rest of the album shines in comparison.

Jordan has a great vocal range. Her voice is kind, beautiful, easy to listen to, and yet commands that you listen. This is an EP you’ll want to play when you want someone to fall in love with you. It’s definitely a good first date album if you are already crushing on them, and a good second date playlist if you had a good first date with someone you barely knew. It evokes feelings and love. It is a soundtrack to life and love. It may be the lonely hearts club, but it will fill your heart! Every day of your life deserves music, so give this one a listen today.

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There is Plenty of Cool in Jordan Alexander's Music
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