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There Will Never Be Another Left Eye!!

Left Eye put the 'L' in TLC.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was taken from us much too soon in a tragic and fatal car accident while she was in Honduras, doing mission work and going on her own personal and spiritual cleansing retreat. She has earned her angel wings and entered into Hip Hop Heaven as well as access into every other wing in Heaven. Left Eye is, was, and forever will be one of the founding members of TLC. What I will always love about her is she was fiery, unadulterated, pixie, tom boy, original, bombastic, real, and in your face! I learned a lot more about TLC that I did not know when I watched their official movie and their own Behind The Music on VH1. Left Eye, like the rest of the group, was a fighter and a survivor who defied the cards that she was initially dealt by life and the hands of fate to go on to become part of one of music's most successful acts. The contributions made by Left Eye to the music world are undeniable and immense. She put the "L" in "TLC." As the rapper and emcee in the group, Left Eye provided the rhymes on all of TLC'S albums, songs, and the songs that became hits for the group throughout their career. It really was not fair that on some of the songs where Left Eye provides the rap lyrics and verses, their label had put out and certain radio stations opted to go with the no rap version. Left Eye is one of my favorite emcees. Her flow, delivery, and skill were second to none. Plus she had a very distinct sounding voice. Before her tragic passing, the group was publicly feuding and Left Eye was getting ready to go solo, she released a solo record called SuperNova. T-BOZ and Chilli carry on both Left Eye's legacy and the legacy of TLC.

Inscribed on Left Eye's final resting place are the lyrics from her rap verse from "Waterfalls." When I heard about what had happened to Left Eye, I was shocked and heartbroken. I blessed myself, said a prayer, and had a moment of silence for her. Though I did not know her, I chose to remember her the way that I enjoyed her as a fan: through her music and seeing her on television and in music videos. God was putting together a super group of legends in the rap game, and had a place for Left Eye. Rest In Peace. Left Eye had a couple of tattoos; one was an eagle and the other was an "88" logo for a college football team, and it's a cool tattoo she had on one of her shoulders. Once, in an interview, she was asked about her iconic black mark she always wore under her left eye and where her name "Left Eye" originated from, and without missing a beat, Left Eye jokingly told the reporter from MTV "because I is right!" In 1999, Left Eye teamed up with other female hip hop heavy weights in the game on a song called "Ladies Night" featuring Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott. It can also be said that Left Eye would become a style icon. Throughout her entire career, Left Eye will be remembered for the oversized stylish hats that she was wearing when the group TLC first came out, and it's not just that—it's just something that has always stuck in my mind. It was her personal style that made her iconic. She didn't have to try because Left Eye just was style and fashion. Left Eye will always be one of the best rappers to pick up a microphone.

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There Will Never Be Another Left Eye!!
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