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Tipsy In Chelsea Tips The Scales On Talent

'Gaslighter' reveals a solid sound with a 60s feel.

What intrigued me from the beginning when it comes to this new release by Tipsy In Chelsea is the title of the album, “Gaslighter.” You see, I have an affinity for attracting narcissists into my life, and they are folks that are really good at gaslighting those that fall under their spell. If you don’t know what gaslighting is, here is the dictionary’s definition.

gerund or present participle: gaslighting
manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

Once you start listening to the album you’ll be swept away by the lyrics, the comforting vocal sounds of Trish Thompson, and the melodic guitar work.

Tipsy In Chelsea, best described as a blend of singer/songwriter sounds mixed with an air of Fleetwood Mac, and a little bit of the 60s pop rock and country. I hear a little of these different influences throughout different songs on the album. The band is made up of composer and songwriter Dean Falcone and singer Trish Thompson.

There’s a story behind how these two got together to do music, but I will let you look for their website and find that tidbit of information on your own since I don’t feel like it affects their music for the better or worse.

‘Laugh Til I Cry’ reminds me of some Stevie Nicks or maybe Fleetwood Mac. It’s an easy song that pulls you in with some intricate melodies that are hard not to fixate on. ‘You Are The Sun’ brings the beat up some on the album, in the second track slot.

‘Fade Or Remain’ is by far my favorite song on this EP. It really embodies that 60s and 70s pop sound that both Thompson and Falcone have an affinity for. It brought me back to my own childhood and made me want to listen to some Air Supply and some Rosanne Cash (great music to be compared to, by the way).

‘Day After Day’ is a cover of the Badfinger song, and I have to admit they did an excellent job on this song. It gave me goosebumps. This is my second favorite on the album. Thompson has the perfect voice for this type of music, and it simply solidifies their love of this generation of music. In fact, I almost prefer this version to the original, and that’s saying a lot.

The last tune I was able to listen to was ‘Twisted.’ The intro to this one has a very symphonic feel to it. It starts big and leads into some big lyrics and some of the best vocals on the album thus far. This song has the best beat of the album as well.

There are no songs on this album I didn’t like. It’s a very impressive piece of work by some talented musicians/artists. If you take a moment to listen make sure you don’t just get lost in the music, listen to the lyrics as well. Everything fits together perfectly in these songs, and it makes it a very pleasing thing to listen to at any volume.

There are seven total songs on this new EP, but with Soundcloud, I was only able to listen to five of them. I was definitely impressed with what I heard and will be considering buying this EP the next time I am in the market to add to either my CD collection or my iPod collection. If you like any of the types of music that I’ve mentioned in this review you will be sure to at least enjoy the music of Tipsy In Chelsea. It’s a well put-together sound that definitely has that staying power, especially with the lyrics. 

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Tipsy In Chelsea Tips The Scales On Talent
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