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To Live By Faith


What if you were required to place your trust in that which you could not see? What if you had come to the crossroads between the known and the unknown? 

The song entitled "To Live By Faith" captures the essence of stepping out in faith and moving forward in the direction of your dreams. For it is the kind of faith that will at times be tested, in order to be strengthened and steadfast. 

Retrospectively your previous roles were actually training ground along with the acquisition of transitional skills, for your purposed role to come. So if you had experience in a routine 9 to 5 that was not necessarily befitting with your true purpose, the role still carried valuable lessons. In order to lead it would have been useful to first grasp the art of following. There is fertile ground in which to develop organisational skills, multitasking skills, social interaction, time management, discipline, and the like. 

After years of trial and error with a series of previous career choices, you have established simplicity and clarity of your exact purpose, to accomplish here on Earth. When you are in the season of knowing with mind, body, and soul that you are no longer emotionally invested in the job where you checked in, went through the motions and checked back out, day after day! 

For such a time as this, it is actually a time for bold decision, with the unfolding of strategic action. Even beyond paying attention to your instincts is the call to obedience. For on the other side of both your obedience and faith are the inspirational ramifications and blessings that others are able to benefit from in relation to your unique gifting. 

That song or book that has been laid on your heart to write of times ago could be the difference someone else will need when they feel as though their journey cannot go on. The role you go on to fulfill could be the difference a young person needs to re-establish purpose and direction in an unstable environment. 

The justification of excuses or continued procrastination only keeps you further from establishing change. 

The appreciation of the constitution of energy also highlights that which is nonphysical. You may be at times fixated on the natural, yet the supernatural exists all around us. 

The manifestation of all that you physically desire must first exist in the spiritual realm. You may be beginning your awakened journey in humble surroundings, in an environment that requires a "lick and a promise," yet the ability to envision that which you may not currently be in the possession of is crucial. 

At such a time your faith will very well be tested, especially when the "Joneses" live just across the street, with their immaculate green grass, white picket fence, and seemingly perfect lifestyle. You may glance back at your current surroundings, reflecting upon your current situation that may appear dire in comparison. 

For the entrepreneur in particular, who is no longer depending month by month on a "safe"  pay cheque from a "safe" job, faith is key. 

You may be currently experiencing a quiet season, whereby it may appear as though nothing is improving or taking place. This period is your time for a quietened preparation for the bigger things to come, embrace this time! 

Your dream may be bigger than your current budget, yet the journey requires continued determination in the direction of your dreams for them to become a reality. At such a time, it is fundamental to be appreciative of small beginnings, whereby you can later welcome the increase of opportunities, manifested abundance and the unfolding of your dreams. 

Capture the essence of possibilities, for in today's climate flexibility is key. Numerous roles have been replaced by electronic machines and many services are now centrally offered online. The key is to adapt to such ongoing changes and embrace each day as a blank canvas of which you have the capacity to create a new picture. The universe is able to bring about an opportunity to the individual who has made themselves ready. Relevant aspects will unfold each in their due time along the space-time continuum. 

With passion comes purpose, yet your purpose is part of a bigger picture, of whom could fathom, which is where self-sacrificial service plays a role. It is bigger than you, it is bigger than all of us. Yet by faith, we trust! 

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To Live By Faith
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