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Top 10 Cheesiest One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s

Sometimes they can be a little annoying, but deep down we love the cheesiest one-hit wonders of the 2000s.

Things are about to get cheesy. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 cheesiest one-hit wonders of the 2000s.

For this list, we’ve chosen acts that were strongly identified with one extremely cheesy, but successful song during the 2000s. We’re not limiting things to acts that literally only had one hit single throughout their entire careers, but we’re picking acts that are most known today for a chosen song. And, for the record, we’re not saying these songs are bad, but there’s a certain fromage factor to them that helps them stand out.

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#10: “All the Things She Said” (2002) by t.A.T.u.

Never underestimate the effect faux lesbian antics can play on the libido of the teenage male. Highly controversial for the school girl outfits and lipstick lesbian imagery in its music video, combined with an undeniably infectious beat, this Russian duo had a surefire equation for international attention. Charting in about 30 countries, with further success in some locations—especially their homeland—this song will go down in history worldwide due to its controversy.

#9: “He Loves U Not” (2000) by Dream

Back when Diddy was known for his musical influence and style instead of his business acumen, when he tapped an act as the next big thing his track record was solid. When Dream hit the charts with their debut single, it seemed like they could be the next Spice Girls or at least exhibit some staying power. Alas, it was not the case. Charting in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K., it was the toe tapping catchiness of this song’s beat combined with the memorable music video that earned it a place in our memories and on our list.

#8: “Wherever You Will Go” (2001) by The Calling

Despite reforming in 2013 with mostly new members, The Calling has yet to escape the legacy of their one true hit and most likely never will. Their debut single managed to dominate new rock radio and charts worldwide for a decent run before fading away after their second album failed to reclaim the same acclaim. Though their time in the sun was short, their notoriety lives on, with the song that brought them fame remaining a staple of a lot of radio playlists worldwide.

#7: “Stars Are Blind” (2006) by Paris Hilton

Any self-respecting music fan may shudder to recall it, but there was a time when Paris Hilton, the woman known for her partying antics and sex tape, charted in the top five in five different countries. Attempting to be taken seriously as a musician may have eluded her, but this reggae influenced pop number managed to make her famous for a moment of her life for something legit. You almost had it Paris.

#6: “Heaven” (2002) by DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do

Sampling a 1985 Bryan Adams song, this 2002 reworking reached heights never before seen by this Spanish DJ and it defined his legacy. Earning three other top 10 hits, all of his other successes were easily eclipsed by this certified gold achievement. Hitting the number one slot on the UK singles chart and the top ten in the Billboard Hot 100, the ultimate testament of the staying power of the song was the fact that it re-entered the charts a five years after its initial release.

#5: “Lips of an Angel” (2006) by Hinder

Reaching the top position on the U.S. Billboard mainstream chart, “Lips of an Angel”’s lyrics about lost and secret love spoke to a lot of people in North America. Despite being mocked or even loathed among certain groups of music fans for its cheesy, overwrought style, Hinder was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame based largely—if not solely—on the magnitude of this one hit song.

#4: “The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)” (2002) by Las Ketchup

A pop group remembered for an infectious beat that conquered the world and a peculiar obsession with a particular condiment, Las Ketchup took the music world by storm against all odds. Selling over 7 million copies worldwide, the song’s success crossed cultural and language barriers with both English and Spanish versions, while still managing the feat of becoming the sixth bestselling single in the history of France to that point.

#3: “Graduation (Friends Forever)” (2000) by Vitamin C

Initially released on an album in 1999, this single was released and hit the charts in 2000 and worked perfectly as a snapshot of the end of one decade and beginning of another. Charting in North America and across the pond, there is something about this song that practically forces you to reflect on your life upon hearing it. Continuing to remind many people of their youth on the rare occasion they hear it, this prom or graduation staple has stood the test of time because of its unapologetically bittersweet tone.

#2: “Butterfly” (2000) by Crazy Town

On the other hand of the aging spectrum, Butterfly is so mired in the sound of its time that it’s arguably the most kitsch song on this or any list. Taking the rap rock genre to its most dull and melodic end, Crazy Town may’ve had a chance to maintain their stature in the music scene if every other song on their album had been much harsher and obtuse. Charting at number one in fifteen countries across the planet, “Butterfly” was a massive hit nonetheless.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

  • “Bad Day” (2005) by Daniel Powter
  • “Faded” (2000) by soulDecision
  • “Oops (Oh My)” (2002) by Tweet feat. Missy Elliott
  • “Gotta Tell You” (2000) by Samantha Mumba
  • “Move Ya Body” (2004) by Nina Sky
  • “Get Naked” (2000) by Methods of Mayhem

#1: “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (2000) by Baha Men

The archetype of the one-hit wonder, The Baha Men hit it big with one song and have worked diligently to reach those peaks again with no success. This hit has somehow managed to become a regular feature at a slew of sporting events, despite the fact that the target audience of those events is full of the last people you’d expect to enjoy the track. Ranked the third most annoying song of all time by Rolling Stone, many consider it one of the worst songs of all time, but it puts a smile on the faces of just as many.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite cheesy one-hit wonder of the 2000s? For more music Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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Top 10 Cheesiest One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s
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