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Top Country Songs of the Summer

Songs You Know and Love

Country stations across America have played numerous hits this summer, even kicking off some artists' careers, while showcasing new music for the veteran artists.

Below are the top songs of the summer (in no particular order).

"Drunk Girl" by Chris Janson

Best lyrics: "There's a million things you could be doing / But there's one thing you're sure damn glad you did / Take a drunk girl home / Let her sleep all alone / Leave her keys on the counter, your number by the phone / Pick up her life she threw on the floor / Leave the hall lights on walk out and lock the door / That's how you know the difference between a boy and a man / You take a drunk girl home"

Songwriters: Chris Janson / Tom Douglas / Travis Hill 

Released: 2017

Album: Everybody

Nominations: Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

"Most People Are Good" by Luke Bryan

Best lyrics: "I believe if you just go by the nightly news / Your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you lose"

Songwriters: David Fisher / Ed Hill /  Josh Kear

Released: 2017

Album: What Makes You Country

Nominations: N/A

"Life Changes" by Thomas Rhett

Best lyrics: "I remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama you're gonna have a grandkid, yep / From Uganda, that's right, we're adopting / And she is the cutest little girl that you've ever seen / Well I was wrapping my head around being a dad / A bigger wrench got thrown in the plans we thought we'd had / Now Lauren's showing', got one on the way / Yeah that's two under two, hey, what can I say?"

Songwriters: Thomas Rhett / Ashley Gorley / Jesse Frasure / Rhett Atkins

Released: 2017

Album: Life Changes

Nominations: Teen Choice Award for Choice Country Song

"Born to Love You" by LANCO

Best lyrics: " I was born in a town full of red pine trees / County sign says "follow your dreams" / Westbound train makes the whole town shake / Friday night lights decide your fate"

Songwriters: Brandon Lancanster / Josh Osborne / Ashley Gorley / Ross Copperman

Released: 2018

Album: Hallelujah Nights

Nominations: N/A

"Heaven" by Kane Brown

Best lyrics: "I swear you're an angel / Sent to this world / What did I do write to deserve you, girl?"

Songwriters: Lindsay Rimes / Matthew John McGinn / Shy Carter

Released: 2016

Album: Kane Brown

Nominations: Teen Choice Award for Choice Country Song

"Get Along" by Kenny Chesney

Best lyrics: "We find out when you die the keys to heaven can't be bought / We still don't know what love is but we sure know what it's not."

Songwriters: Josh Osborne / Ross Copperman / Shane L McAnally

Released: 2018

Album: Songs for the Saints

Nominations: N/A

"David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs" by Travis Denning

Best lyrics: "Wasn't who I was but every now and then I got to be / David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs"

Songwriters: Travis Denning / Jessie Alexander / Jon Randall

Released: 2018 

Album: N/A

Nominations: N/A

"Downtown's Dead" by Sam Hunt

Best lyrics: "What Am I doing with my life? /  Ok, I quit... I've had enough of this."

Songwriters: Sam Hunt / Zach Crowell / Josh Osborne / Shane McAnally / Charlie Handsome

Released: 2018

Album: N/A

Nominations: N/A

"Drowns the Whiskey" by Jason Aldean ft. Miranda Lambert

Best lyrics: "Girl, I'm living proof that 80 proof / Ain't got a shot at touching you."

Songwriters: Josh Thompson / Brandon Kinney / Jeff Middleton

Released: 2018

Album: Rearview Town

Nominations: N/A

"I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" by Jake Owen

Best lyrics: "But I hope like hell every now and again / I blow across your mind like that summer wind / And you're holding on to sixteen as long as you can / Every time that it comes on"

Songwriters: John Mellancamp / Jody Scott Stevens / Craig Michael Wiseman / David Patrick Ray / Tommy Cecil

Released: 2018

Album: Jake Owen

Nominations: N/A

"I Lived It" by Blake Shelton

Best lyrics: "That's just the kind of life that made me who I am / Just taking my mind on a visit / Back in time 'cause I miss it"

Songwriters: Rhett Akins / Ross Copperman / Ben Hayslip / Ashley Gorley

Released: 2017

Album: Texoma Shore

Nominations: N/A

"Cry Pretty" by Carrie Underwood

Best lyrics: "Not usually the kind to show my heart to the world / I'm pretty good at keeping it together / I hold my composure, for worse or for better."

Songwriters: Carrie Underwood / Lori McKenna / Hillary Lindsey

Released: 2018

Album: Cry Pretty

Nominations: Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year and Teen Choice Award for Choice Country Song

"Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" by Luke Bryan;

Best lyrics: "Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat"

Songwriters: Richard Chase Mcgill / Ryan James Hurd / Miller Zachery Crowell

Released: 2017

Album: What Makes You Country

Nominations: N/A

"Marry Me" by Thomas Rhett

Best lyrics: "I could try to find her / Get it off my chest now / But I ain't gonna mess it up, so I'll wish her the best now"

Songwriters: Thomas Rhett / Shane McAnally / Jesse Frasure / Ashely Gorley

Released: 2017

Album: Life Changes

Nominations: CMT Music Award Video of the Year and Male Video of the Year, Academy of Country Music Award for Video of the Year, and Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year 

"Desperate Man" by Eric Church

Best lyrics: "Fortuneteller told me / "No more last chances / "You got no future at all" / Oh but I ain't listenin' / To black-hearted gypsy"

Songwriters: Eric Church / Ray Wylie Hubbard

Released: 2018

Album: Desperate Man

Nominations: N/A

"Kiss Somebody" by Morgan Evans

Best lyrics: "Sometimes you try to fix somebody / Just to find out they'll never change / So you go out and meet somebody / That makes you feel the way you thought you'd never feel again

Songwriters: Morgan Evans / Chris Destefano / Josh Osborne

Released: 2018

Album: Morgan Evans EP

Nominations: N/A

"Shoot Me Straight" by Brothers Osborne

Best lyrics: "Lay my six foot four inch ass out on the ground / Yeah, tomorrow I'll have me a hard hangover / And one hell of a heartache"

Songwriters: Josh Osborne / Thomas Osborne / Lee Miller

Released: 2018 

Album: Port Saint Joe

Nominations: N/A

"Take Back Home Girl" by Chris Lane ft. Tori Kelly

Best lyrics: "You're the kind I wanna take a ride with / Sit by on a Friday night / In the stadium lights, side by side"

Songwriters: Hillary Lindsey / Joshua Miller / David Garcia

Released: 2018

Album: Laps Around the Sun

Nominations: N/A

"Burning Man" by Dierks Bentley ft. Brothers Osborne

Best lyrics: "One day I'm the exception / Most days I'm just like most / Somedays I'm headed in the right direction / And some days I ain't even close"

Songwriters: Luke Dick / Bobby Pinson

Released: 2018

Album: The Mountain

Nominations: Country Music Association Award for Musical Event of the Year 

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright" by David Lee Murphy ft. Kenny Chesney

Best lyrics: "Everything's gonna be alright / Nobody's gotta worry 'bout nothing / Don't go hitting that panic button / It ain't near as bad as you think"

Songwriters: David Lee Murphy / Jimmy Yeary / Chris Stevens

Released: 2018

Album: No Zip Code

Nominations: Country Music Association Award for Musical Event of the Year

"Babe" by Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift

Best lyrics: "What a waste / Taking down the picture and the plans we made, yeah / And it's strange how your face doesn't look so innocent / Your secrets has its consequence and that's on you, babe"

Songwriters: Taylor Swift / Pat Monahan

Released: 2018

Album: Bigger

Nominations: Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year

"Meant to Be" by Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha

Best lyrics: "I don't mean to be so uptight, but my heart's been hurt a couple times / By a couple guys that didn't treat me right

Songwriters: Bebe Rexha / Tyler Hubbard / David Garcia / Joshua Miller

Released: 2017

Album: All Your Fault: Pt. 2

Nominations: CMT Music Award for Video of the Year and Collaborative Video of the Year, Country Music Association Award for Musical Event of the Year and Single of the Year, MTV Video Music Award for Best Collaboration, Radio Disney Music Award for Best Musical Collaboration and Country Favorite Song, Teen Choice Award for Choice Collaboration and Choice Country Song, Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song, and MuchMusic Video Award for Song of the Summer and Best Collaboration

"One Number Away" by Luke Combs

Best lyrics: 'Will you pick up when I call? / Or just forget we loved at all? / We don't have to talk, I just wanna hear your voice"

Songwriters: Luke Combs / Steven Battey / Sammy Mitchell / Robert Willford

Released: 2017

Album: This One's for You

Nominations: N/A

"Hide the Wine" by Carly Pierce

Best lyrics: "Oh knock-knock, here you come a-knockin' on my door / But you're gonna have to wait another minute on the porch / Oh no, no, it's a dangerous thing pouring alcohol on an old flame"

Songwriters: Ashely Gorley / Hillary Lindsey / Luke Laird

Released: 2017

Album: Every Little Thing

Nominations: N/A

"Woman, Amen" by Dierks Bentley

Best lyrics: "Thanks for the moon and the stars up above / Forgiveness' a sin in your undying love / Every twist every turn for the way you made sure / All my roads led to her"

Songwriters: Dierks Bentley / Ross Copperman / Josh Kear

Released: 2018

Album: The Mountain

Nominations: N/A

"Drunk Me" by Mitchell Tenpenny

Best lyrics: All those bottles sitting up on the shelf are just salt on the wound / One sip and I'm picking up the phone trying not to go home without you / And that ain't nothing but a whole lotta pain"

Songwriters: Mitchell Tenpenny / Justin Wilson / Jordan Schmidt

Released: 2018 

Album: Mitchell Tenpenny EP

Nominations: N/A

"Hotel Key" by Old Dominion

Best lyrics: And that night we left our hearts on our sleeves and the clothes all over the floor / We both know we can't open the door no more"

Songwriters: Trevor Rosen / Matthew Ramsey / Josh Osborne

Released: 2017

Album: Happy Endings

Nominations: N/A

"What Ifs" by Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina

Best lyrics: "You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you / What if I find somebody else and I don't need you"

Songwriters: Kane Brown / Matthew McGinn / Jordan Schmidt

Released: 2016

Album: Kane Brown 

Nominations: CMT Music Award for Video of the Year, Academy of Country Music Award for Vocal Event of the Year, and BillboardMusic Award for Top Country Song

"Up Down" by Morgan Wallen ft. Florida Georgia Line

Best lyrics: "Somebody pass that fifth of Camp this way / I'll turn it up, down, up, down, up, down"

Songwriters: Michael Hardy / CJ Solar / Brad Clawson

Released: 2018

Album: If I Know Me

Nominations: N/A

"I Hate Love Songs" by Kelsea Ballerini

Best lyrics: "I think cupid is stupid and violets are purple not blue / I hate catching bouquets, the honeymoon phase."

Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini / Shane L McAnally / Trevor Joseph Rosen

Released: 2017

Album: Unapologetically

Nominations: N/A

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