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Top Eight Summer Jams of All-Time

Heating Up the Summer BBQ with Good Tunes

Hey lovely people,

Did you miss me?

I know summer is about to end and it sucks. Why not listen to some tunes that feel like summertime all year long. I just thought I give my top eight summertime songs of all time, some will be old school and some will be recent songs that have been released, so sit back and relax and grab your favorite drink and listen to some summer jams to bring good memories.

1. 'Summertime,' by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1991)

My first pick must be Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, not only because Will Smith (The Fresh Prince) is from my hometown of Philadelphia, but this song is awesome and is always played at a cookout. This song is an oldie but a goodie and always brings me good summer memories.

2. 'Summer Girls,' by LFO

This song came out in the era of boy bands, and even though this band didn’t make many hits aside from girl on tv and Summer Girls, it is still a good summertime song. This song has a good vibe and good beat to it. It was a good song of the last year of the 90s, it reminds me of childhood memories of dancing to tunes and spending time with loved ones.

3. 'Party Rock Anthem,' by LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock (2011)

This uncle-nephew duo became very popular in 2011, with such hits as I’m sexy and I know it, Party Rock Anthem, and champagne Showers, as well as taking the internet by storm with the Melbourne shuffle aka shuffle dance. This song has an awesome beat and you can really jam out to it, whether it be at a cook-out, home, or a bar.

4. 'Cruel Summer,' by Bananarama (1983)

This song is an awesome 80s hit, this song was featured in the 2002 hit movie Blue Crush. I love the beat to this song and I love dancing to it. 

5. 'Motown Philly,' by Boyz II Men (1991)

Okay, okay, this song is awesome, not because these guys are from my city Philadelphia, but because this song is an awesome summer jam because it has a good dancing beat that makes you dance and have a care in the world.

6. 'Whine Up,' by Kat Deluna Featuring Elephant man (2007)

Kat Deluna, a trained opera singer, hit the music scene with this hit Whine Up featuring the king of Dancehall Elephant Man, the song was all over the airwaves back in summer of 2007, it shows her awesome vocals and dance moves. This song is both amazing and also gets stuck in your head lol.

7. 'Wild Thoughts,' by DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller (2017)

This song has the classic beat of Maria, Maria by Santana, the video is so typical and reminds me of summer. Rihanna, Dj Khaled and Bryson Tiller killed it in a good way with this hit record in 2017, you can’t help but dance to this song. I got to say Dj Khaled got some awesome dance moves. 

8. 'Migente,' by J Balvin And Willy William (2017)

This song is a summer jam because not only is it good to dance to, but it's a banger, this song was also remixed and featured Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy. J Balvin has an awesome, unique style and his music is very inspiring and iconic.

And there you have it my top eight Summer jam of all time song list.

I hope this song list helps you cheer up from the fall and winter blues, and let's you get up and dance.

Thanks for reading.


Delilah Rivera
Delilah Rivera

Hey lovely people, my name is Delilah I'm from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I suffer from polycystic kidney disease. Majority of my posts will be about health, food, movies, music, and about my life and struggles of living with a disease.

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Top Eight Summer Jams of All-Time
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