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Top Five Artists You’re Missing out On

Musicians and Bands That You Need to Listen to Because, Dude, You Just Need To

Are you looking for a new obsession? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As an avid music lover, I have compiled my top five artists that you have probably never heard of (or, if you have, don’t hate me because I’m fragile). Perhaps, you may find a new favorite band or a new band to hate (in which case, I do not condone hate, go troll a forum somewhere else you jerk). Either way, I hope you enjoy the top five artists you need to listen to ASAP!

5: Bully

I stumbled across this band about two months ago, and my world was forever changed. The first song I listened to them was “Trying,” which is arguably their most popular to date. With Alicia Bognanno’s strong raspy vocals and lyrics that resonate well with the alternative folk, it’s easy to see why this song became so popular. However, it only gets better. Dig deep down and you’ll find gems like “Brainfreeze,” “Too Tough,” and “Trash.” Their classic grunge sound mixed with modern rock makes fun music that alternative fans will get a kick out of. 

4: Okey Dokey

If you’re a fan of rather weirder music, Okey Dokey is the one for you. With purely psychedelic tunes such as “Wavy Gravy” and “Congenial Man,” you might feel like you’re on a slight acid kick watching one of their music videos. But, if you can get past all of the strangeness, you’re bound to fall in love with the dynamic duo Aaron Martin and Johny Fisher.

3: Jukebox the Ghost

I actually had the opportunity to see this band live a couple weeks ago at a local music festival. Normally, I would not listen to such an upbeat band, but I quickly discovered that behind the rather happy sound, the lyrics tell a different story. Jukebox uses a unique technique of using cheerful chords while singing lyrics that are somewhat gloomy. For example, their hit “Everybody’s Lonely” starts out with light piano tunes and then turns into a pop-rock sound. With no singing, this could be mistaken for a popular pop tune you might hear on the radio, but, with lyrics like, “dragged into another heartbreak,” “are we programmed for broken romance?” and, “everything just sounds the same,” you might think this came straight out of your emo myspace era.

The trio also have a lot of inspiration from the classic band Queen, as they did do a cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the concert I saw them at. This is probably why they are piano heavy rather than guitar heavy, as most alternative bands can be. However, I do appreciate this band and would consider seeing them again in concert.

2: Rayland Baxter

I was introduced to Rayland Baxter by my fiancé at the beginning of this year. I was quickly entranced by his smooth vocals and folksy guitar tunes. If you’re a fan of folk/alternative music, Rayland is a match for you. With his new album, Wide Awake, you’ll find soothing tunes such as “Without Me” and “Everything to Me.” And, if you’re a fan of more rock type of songs, “Casanova” will leave you fairly satisfied. 

1: Moon Taxi

Take a listen to your radio at some point, and you might be able to catch the song “Two High” playing. Their first breakout hit and definitely a good song, Moon Taxi knocks it out of the park in a variety of different genres. Being mainly labeled an alternative band, you would be surprised to find that Moon Taxi explores rock as well. I have seen them once in concert and let me tell you, these guys are outstanding. I already was a fan of them beforehand, but after seeing them my love grew even more. They performed songs such as “Mercury” and “Not Too Late,” but what shocked me was their ability to put on a good god damn rock show. Their cover of “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine left the crowd speechless as they hit everything perfectly. This is why Moon Taxi is such a good band, I personally believe. Their ability to do well in more than one genre is a true talent that not many bands nowadays possess.

That concludes the top five artists you’re missing out on. I hope you listen to at least one and find a new obsession. Much love to my fellow music lovers!

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Top Five Artists You’re Missing out On
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