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Top Five New R&B Songs

Beautiful R&B songs released in the last two years

Smino (Credit Genius)

Next to Hip Hop, R&B (Rhythmic and blues) is my favorite genre to listen to—from the slow beats to the outstanding vocals that make me wish I could sing ,or rather just hold a simple note. Because I do have a passion for listening to R&B, there are so many songs I could list or recommend, but today I’m sticking to my top five R&B songs that were released in the last two years.  So if you’re wondering why “Doo Wop,” by Lauryn Hill isn’t on here, that’s why. These are the songs that you might not have seen on the charts, but surely they deserve to be there, and on your love/feelings playlist. 

"All Bad" | JID ft. Mereba

“All bad,” by Atlanta rapper JID is the seventh track off of his 2017 album The Never Story featuring R&B singer Mereba. While a good portion of The Never Story JID displays his exceptional rap and lyrical skills, on "All Bad," he shows an emotional side of himself, the singing R&B side of him, which I love. This side of him is also apparent on "Hereditary," which is the sixth track off of The Never Story.  In "Hereditary," JID details his relationship with a women that is doomed due to the fact that the girl has never seen a healthy relationship in her life. On "All bad," Mereba and JID sing about the troubles and changes in their relationship. Mereba's soft, but strong vocals are beautiful, and create a soulful vibe that makes you sway your head to the side. My favorite lyric is, Cause if you looking for the proof it's all there, Come on baby I'ma tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

"Anita" | Smino

“Anita,” by Chicago rapper and singer Smino is the seventh track off of Smino’s debut album Blkswan. The first time I heard Smino was on Noname's song "Ace," off of her 2018 album Room 25. That track also features Saba, who is also from Chicago, and is a frequent collaborator of both Smino and Noname. I think I mentioned this in my last article, but I love this song, because he dedicated it to black women. In fact the song was inspired by him seeing the film Hidden Figures, which is about unacknowledged black women in history. From the background singers to Smino’s powerful vocals on the chorus, the song is a true masterpiece. T pain noticed the beautiful song and hooped on the track for a remix, which is also great. My favorite lyric is, "ice cream, Godiva (go), Godiva (go) Godiva (Go baby).Trust me it sounds way better with Smino's voice then on paper. 

"Bedtime Stories" | Rae Sremmurd ft the weekend

“Bedtime Stories,” is the third song of the duo Rae Sremmurd’s third studio album SR3MM featuring Canadian singer, The Weekend. On this track, the artists exchange versus about not wanting a commitment with a girl, but it’s done so beautifully it almost qualifies as a love song—key word being almost. When Swae Lee, the master of melodies, sings, trust me you will want to damage your vocal cords and sing along to the smooth tune. My favorite lyric is, "Sayin', can you help me take these down? Talkin' about your box braids."

"I like that" | Janelle Monae

“I like that,” is the fourth single from Janelle Monae’s 2018 Grammy nominated album Dirty Computer. This song is a true self love anthem that cheers me up every time I listen to it. The music video for this song is also extremely beautiful and well made. listening to Janelle, you can just hear her confidence as she sings and, in the third verse, raps. Don't get me wrong I love her singing, but the third verse where she raps has to be my favorite. My favorite lyric from that verse, and the whole song is when she says, "Uh I remember when you laughed when I cut my perm off and you rated me a six, I was like Damn but even back with the tears in my eyes I always knew I was the shit."

"Stay Flo" | Solange

“Stay Flo,” is the sixth track off of Solange’s beautiful 2019 album When I get home. Solange’s smooth and moving vocals sound beautiful, and I’m not a dancer, but this song almost makes me want to get up (almost). Next to the ninth track off of the album, “Almeda,” this is one of my favorite songs from the album. My favorite lyric is, "Take it all home make 'em feel in on they face (Hey, hey)." Again like the Smino lyric it sounds better than it looks. 

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Top Five New R&B Songs
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