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Top Five Songs Used in 'Twin Peaks'

Those Tunes We Couldn't Shake After the Return

Photo by Anton Hooijdonk from Pexels

Of course, Twin Peaks  is know for its impeccable soundtracks; those Angelo Badalamenti notes and the fitting choices of vocal tracks throughout. Voices such as Julie Cruise have become a part of the Twin Peaks universe. Music has become one of the key elements of the show. Ever since the original two seasons, much of the mood in each scene rested upon the music and the score used. While I love Badalamenti's music, that is not the focus here, I will not be talking about the score used in the third season of Twin Peaks, but more so the external songs that it allowed us to discover. More specifically, my favourite among the songs we were able to discover through this show.

Here I have compiled a list of my favourite songs that have been included in Twin Peaks, specifically during the third season. I am listing these tracks based on the songs in isolation, and am not necessarily saying they were the best choices for the show or making comment on their relevance to the scenes they were used in. Might be worth adding some of these to your playlist!

1.) 'Wild West' by Lissie. (Can be heard here)

To me, this song represents finding a certain strength inside yourself. I love Lissie as a vocalist, although I had not heard of her music until I watched her sing in the Roadhouse at the end of one of The Return episodes. I fell in love with this song even more when I watched the music video that accompanies it. Every time I hear this song I find it almost impossible not to sing and dance along to it. It's very powerful to me and I'm very glad that Twin Peaks allowed me to discover it. The natural images and the strong message make this song seem so pure and the message so positive. It never fails to put me in a better mood. Lissie's voice is stunning, and the lyrics tell a lovely story.

2.) "American Woman" by the Muddy Magnolias. (Can be heard here)

For the show, this song was specifically edited to be much slower than it was upon its original release. It is also edited to make the vocals a much lower pitch. Personally I adore this slowed down version, although I am also a fan of the original. This song is moody, atmospheric, and catchy. It's easy to get those drum rhythms stuck in your head, and I love the beat. The scene with Diane walking away from the bar is made so much more powerful due to those drum beats. Lynch's ability to hear an amazing song, and then edit it in such a way is astounding. It's such a badass song, and a pleasure to listen to.

3.) "I Am" by BluntedBeatz. (Can be heard here)

This music took me an awfully long time to track down, but I was so pleased when I finally found it. As soon as I heard that catchy tune as Ike wielded his ice pick, I knew I had to find it. From what I can gather, BluntedBeatz make hip-hop style instrumentals which can be purchased as backing tracks if you are writing a song. It seems as though they have served many famous singers, as well. This beat in particular is great to listen to if you need to chill, or just fancy some backing music to whatever you're doing. It's very difficult not to picture Ike when you hear it though!

4.) "Blue Moon" by The Chromatics. (Can be heard here)

This song is gentle, soothing, and emotional. The Chromatics were clearly shoo-in for the Roadhouse with their ethereal sounds and their dreamy style. "Blue Moon" is a song that provokes feelings of calm and tranquility to its listeners. The outro is soothing and a nice mixture of subliminal notes and smooth tones. It has almost a magical feel to it, as does the entire song. For me, it's perfect listening at night time when everything else is going quiet.

5.) "Mississippi" By The Cactus Blossoms. (Can be heard here)

This track has all the vibes of a country tune, with the added lighting and colour effects used to create a peaceful atmosphere. It's an easy song to listen to, one I found myself humming a little after I first heard it. I wouldn't say it's annoyingly catchy, but it's easy to sing along to. The lyrics are written in a traditional, country kind of style, and feel—at least to me—almost nostalgic of older country music. I love this thematic and stylistic choice, and think this music suits most situations when you just want something nice to listen to.

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Top Five Songs Used in 'Twin Peaks'
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