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Top Music Streaming Services of 2018

Never miss another song from your favorite artists with the top music streaming services of 2018.

Photo via Cnet

RIP CDs and cassettes! Long live music streaming services! If you think about it, we are surrounded by music every single day—at the supermarket, on our radio, television, video games, and practically anything else entertainment related. For those who have integrated music into their lifestyle, they know the common struggle of downloading CDs onto computers and uploading songs minute-by-minute to an iTunes Library. However, since the rise of music streaming services, listening to music is easier and more convenient than ever. Music streaming services not only allow you to listen to your favorite artists, but help you to discover new ones and listen to music on-the-go. It has made it less stressful and more enjoyable to listen to your favorite songs, discover new music, and share with others.

As of 2018, there are over 100 million people paying to stream music. With access to tens of millions of songs, family plans, incomparable sound quality, and curated playlists, it only makes sense to have access to at least one.

Amazon Music

Amazon has practically everything, music included. If you have an Amazon subscription already, you can add this onto your Prime and have millions of songs at your fingertips. Amazon Music Unlimited has an array of functions that make listening to music fun and convenient. 

By downloading the app to your phone, you can have on-demand and always free music, as well as have the option to use it offline. Sometimes, we do not have access to internet; but with Amazon Music, it defeats the problem by downloading all of your music offline, giving you access anywhere you are. Since Amazon is a provider of many products, you can even pair it with Alexa for handsfree listening.


Spotify is one of the most user-friendly music streaming services of 2018. With the ability to use the service on any device, Spotify gives its listeners access to curated playlists based on your favorite songs, and has multiple radio stations for those who are indecisive of what to listen to. 

Search for your favorite artists and Spotify will suggest numerous artists for you. One of the unique qualities of Spotify is that its users have access to a "Family Plan" in which you can add up to 6 people on your subscription. The more people you add, the cheaper the subscription is for you. Additionally, if you are a student, Spotify partnered with Hulu and gives students access to both accounts for one single payment. You can’t beat that deal!

Apple Music

Apple Music takes the convenience factor to a whole other level. If you bought one of the more recently released iPhones, then Apple Music is automatically installed in your software. All you have to do is open the app and you have access to over 50 million songs ad-free. Download your favorite tracks and play them offline while also accessing your entire iTunes music library.

Apple Music is also known for having exclusive and original content. Some music that is on Apple Music, you cannot find anywhere else. There are artists who choose to debut their music exclusively on Apple Music, which is the primary benefit for those who have access to it. Never miss another song from your favorite artist again.


Otherwise known as the Father of internet radio, SiriusXM has paved the path for music streaming services everywhere. From music, to talk, to comedy and sports, SiriusXM has something for everyone.

This streaming service pulls data from your phone and creates personalized recommendations that get better every time you use it. When you come across a song that you love, you can save it and have easy access to it anytime that you wish. Additionally, SiriusXM provides its users with music videos, original videos, and other free options.

Google Play Music

As a direct competitor to Apple Music, Google Play Music has a goal of making music more affordable and easier to use than ever. Search through Top Albums, Recommended New Releases, Instrumentals, and other curated playlists to find your favorite songs, as well as discover new ones.

Google Play Music focuses on providing the best playlists to individual musical tastes, tackling one of the main problems with streaming. For example, they section certain songs off in different genre playlists such as, “Pop Meets Country,” “Dance Hotlist,” “Hip Hop and R&B Hotlist,” and much more. If you are unsure of what to listen to, Google Play Music has a “I'm feeling lucky” option, where it plays a random song. For all you know, it could be that one song you were always looking for.


Pandora is made for those who want to listen to music without having to choose song after song or make their own playlists. The company’s slogan is, “Free Personalized Music,” because they create radio stations based off the artist of your choice.

Pandora is known for having the best playlists in accordance with every artist and genre, and has free options that millions of people use. Begin with a hip hop radio and all hip hop tracks will play, or make a personalized playlist featuring your favorite artist. You have the option to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a track, which will then lead that specific song to be played again or to be deleted from your history.

Skip songs, favorite songs, and replay songs because Pandora has it all. If you want to go a step above, purchase Pandora Premium and have access to the streaming service with no ads and unlimited song skips. It is perfect to use for a party or any social gathering.

iHeart Radio

Live radio, podcasts, playlists, and news all in one. iHeart gives its users access to hundreds of live radio channels across the United States. For those who enjoy radio, this may be the best option for you. 

Based off music popularity, iHeart also takes the most listened-to artists and creates custom playlists. You will have full access to the podcast library and will be able to play songs on demand, as well as save and replay from live radio. All you have to do is download the app and you can take it with you anywhere.

Tidal Music

Founded by Jay Z, Tidal was created in order to debut exclusive content from your favorite artists and bands. Labeled as "High Fidelity Music," Tidal has one of the best audio qualities out of all music streaming services available to you.

It also comes with high definition music videos that you cannot find anywhere else. Tidal Music hopes to include everyone, which is why they have subscriptions for standard plans, family plans, student plans, and even military plans. You have the option for a 30-day free trial in which you will have access to more than 60 million songs and 240,000 music videos, so there's no reason not to give it a try.


Soundcloud is the world's largest music streaming catalog, with major artists along with garage bands and bedroom DJs. It is the best streaming service to discover new, underground music, and remixes from your favorite artists and up-and-comers as well. Soundcloud is not only a music streaming service, but a community for rising talent and music lovers alike.

If you have ever heard the term, “Soundcloud rapper,” it is because Soundcloud serves as a platform for discovery, and has a track record of pushing its artists to the next level. As a user, you are able to skip through songs, like songs, and create your own portfolio that will allow you to upload your own content. Listen to stations, create your own unique playlists, and bump them on the best internet radio players for music streaming as you study or relax playing video games. Soundcloud has remixes of songs that no other streaming platform has.

Slacker Radio

Internet radio is on the rise and Slacker Radio is a leader in the movement. Listeners can access the service on the web and through mobile apps on multiple smartphones. It allows users to create and share customized music stations.

It allows users to customize one of their programmed stations (for instance, Today's Hits) or start with music from an artist or song, and then customize your selection based off that. There is a radio station for every occasion and the annual membership is starting at only $3.99. Have personalized radio with no interruptions with Slacker Radio.


If you wanted music streaming services and a podcast player in one, look no further. Deezer is a full streaming service that allows you to download music off the latest charts, hits, or albums. The explore section allows you to sift through new artists and discover music by genre or even country. 

Use their "Flow" feature to discover new music based off your preferences, and mix it with your favorite tracks. It will create a playlist for you that includes your most listened to songs, as well as suggestions for new ones. Not only does Deezer serve as a platform for you to listen to your favorite songs, but to discover new songs and artists as well.

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Top Music Streaming Services of 2018
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