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Top Ten XXXTentacion Songs

Remembering The Life of an Artist Cut Short

Photo Credit: Hype Beast

Although Jahseh Onfroy (XXXTentacion) lived a life of controversy, he inspired the lives of many. Next month marks a year since the young rapper's unfortunate shooting. That being said, we would like to Remember X with a ranking of our personal top ten best XXXTentacion Songs.

10. "Revenge"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/ EMPIRE

Revenge is a song that pays tribute to X's friend Jocelyn Flores who committed suicide in his hotel room while visiting him. The song describes his guilt and regret that he couldn't save her. It is believed that he is trying to get revenge on the world for taking her away. This song was on his album 17.

9. "The Remedy For A Broken Heart"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/ EMPIRE

"The Remedy For A Broken Heart" is likely about his ex-girlfriend, Geneva, and how he still loves her. This song is very powerful and samples the beautiful voice of the singer Shiloh Dynasty. X also brings up a very good point in the song when he says, "What is money really worth if it ain’t love?" that left us deep in thought.

8. "King of the Dead"

Video Source: XXXTentacion

Every Popular rapper needs a hype song and X is no exception. However, we love this song because it is hype, yet very dark. This is no easy task to pull off. This "King of the Dead" explores the darker side of the XXXTentacion's mind, and how he understands that he is suicidal. The distortion of the track is supposed to represent the Distortion of X's life.

7. "Sad!"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

Probably the most popular X song of all time. "Sad!" was a huge hit with a catchy chorus. The song deals with the details of him struggling with letting go of his previous girlfriend, and has what we can only describe as an upbeat melancholy vibe. This song was on X's album ?.

6. "Look At Me"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

If there was ever a song that you could say sprung X into stardom, it would be this one. Let's face it, this is a party song. There isn't anything deep or introspective about this song. It's just plain fun. The lyrics go hard and the beat is perfect for this track.

5. "Everybody Dies In their Nightmares"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

This track features Shiloh Dynasty in an amazing way. X's lyrics complement Shiloh Dynasty's voice near perfectly. This song explains why X had trust issues and how he detested himself. "Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares" is off X's album 17.

4. "Jocelyn Flores"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

In this track that also samples Shiloh Dynasty. X pours his heart out in a more official tribute to Jocelyn Flores, his late friend. This time he describes the details of what happened. It was a gut wrenching story, and you can really feel the pain that X went through and how he dealt with it.

3. "Guardian Angel"

Video Source: Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE

This song in a way is a spiritual successor to his song "Jocelyn Flores." Released on XXXTentacion's posthumous album titled SKINS. The intro track is actually the melody from his song "Jocelyn Flores" in reverse. The sound is almost ethereal or haunting. The amount of work put into this song is mind-boggling. Through the track the the words are also reversed at times and it is just beautiful.

2. "Vice City"

Video Source: XXXTentacion

Every great artist starts somewhere, and fortunately X's First song (that is publicly available on Soundcloud) is pretty good. Sampling Lauren Mvula's "Sing to the Moon," the song showcases XXXTentacion's ability to link rhymes together and blend his voice into the melody of the song. This song is also special because it departs from his normal rage rap and delves into some more deep introspective areas.

1. "I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine"

Video Source: XXXTentacion

This is such an interesting song, because it's not built in the same way a song would be; it is better described as a spoken word poem. The music to the song is very raw and stripped away. There is no heavy drum track, no 808s, no guitar riffs. Just a simple piano track in the background to aid the words to bring an eerie vibe. The song portrays a conversation that X had with the devil and reflects X’s troubled upbringing; along with pain and sadness that has plagued his brief time on this earth. It is truly a masterpiece.

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Top Ten XXXTentacion Songs
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