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Travel Tracks for the Long Road Ahead

10 of the best road trip sounds you never knew you needed

A group of buddies, a car with good mileage, and a great playlist is all you need when travelling far from home. Here are the 10 songs that will most definitely make your journeys  from here on out, memorable.

1. Sixpence None the Richer - "There She Goes"

This is the perfect song to get you on your way. It makes you want to sprinkle glitter everywhere  while you sip on a Capri Sun. A nostalgic number that will have you thinking of all those romcom marathons you had with your girls. The band has several other 'on the road' feel good songs that you can add to your list. So strap up and get going as the road awaits ahead of you, traveler. 

2. Wheatus - "Teenage Dirtbag"

This is the one song that we should all know the words to by now. A 90s classic soundtrack for the movie Loser is self explanatory and a great song that will make you remember all of your high school memories that you'd much rather forget. This is the type of song to sing on en route as it is nostalgic in all its right and great for a long drive.

3. Keane - "Somewhere Only We Know"

There is a majestic magnetic feel to this song, as if you went through the closet door and ended up in Narnia. The song talks about going to a special place that is only shared with a special person. As you travel with your special ones, let this song lead you to a great place. An excellent song choice for your travels. 

4. The Cranberries - "Linger"

This Irish alternative rock band has had some great music, but this song is a huge stand out. The soft voice of the lead singer and the instruments are complementary and appeasing to the ear. This is a definite must listen to when you're travelling.

5. Alanis Morissette - "Ironic"

A classic all participation song that will have you feeling energized and thinking about the life you have temporarily left behind. Alanis's uniqueness can be enjoyed and appreciated as you listen to the realness of her lyrics. A build up to an enjoyable chorus give this quirky singer an edge that is fun to listen to. This is one to enjoy with all of your friends and family. 

6. Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles"

The infamous piano at the beginning is all you will need to get you moving in your seat. This is a perfect song to play for the long stretch of your journey (for obvious song title reasons). An indirect classic that directly applies to your travelling endeavours. Create an air-band to pass the time and sing along.

7. H.E.R. - "Focus"

Sit back and relax as the heavenly harp captures your attention in the intro. The type of music that H.E.R. makes was designed for the road. Kick back as she sing to the one she loves on this emotional masterpiece. Something nice to enjoy for the road. 

8. Daniel Caesar - "Japanese Denim"

This song will have you reaching a state of Nirvana as you listen to the tranquil hypnotic voice of Daniel Caesar. Crank this all the way up in the car and just enjoy the sound of his voice. 

9. Frank Ocean - "Pink+White"

You can never go wrong with a Frank Ocean song to accommodate you along your travels. Listen as he correlates love with nature and Beyonce casually doing the background vocals. The acoustic sound creates a personal connection between artist and listener, and that is what he is all about. Good music for the road.

10. The Internet - "It Gets Better (with Time)"

An inspirational track that will tie your trip together as you reach your destination. A reminder that whatever happens in life, time heals your wounds and road trips make them better. The lead vocalist, Syd, delivers a beautiful, sensual vocal over a melodic instrumental.

Special mention - Teyana Taylor - "Issues/Hold On"

This is just an all round amazing song to listen to. It has an old skool 70s vibe and was produced by Kanye West himself. This is worth adding to your playlist.

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Travel Tracks for the Long Road Ahead
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