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Under the Radar: Experimental Artists and Songs

What Usually Isn't Recommended in the Modern World's Music Library

Invisible Inc.'s "Fine Print" (Vintage Edition 2018)

I'm not a follower, especially when it comes to music. I rather jump through hoops to discover some of the most influential artists out there than to rely on a website's algorithm for song suggestions that play on everyone's playlists. I don't find anything that sticks on me for too long, anyway. But, luckily, I don't actually have to jump through hoops to discover good, underrated music, and neither do you. 

I love discovering music that's never been rotated in someone else's car; it helps me communicate with others and gives us something different to talk about. Don't get me wrong; popular isn't stupid or dumb, it's just overdone at some point for everyone. So, here are a few song and artist suggestions that you probably won't find through YouTube recommendations, or through a friend's playlist. These are some of the versatile artists who enjoy experimenting with sounds and don't exactly fit an aesthetic.

Alternative Hip-Hop

Invisible Inc.—"Safe Spaceship"; Done in a 7/8 time signature, there's an odd, jazzy, futuristic funk that makes the song groovy and addicting. Their sound is very experimental and captivating; they're definitely a new and unusual addition to the music world.

Grandson—"Overdose"; He's actually pretty popular, but still underrated for the work he puts out. This song, and many of his other songs, sounds like dramatic, alternative rock (sort of like The Neighborhood) over a trap beat and melody. He's a game changer. 

Indie Alternative

Last Dinosaurs—"Apollo", "Sunday Night" or "Honolulu" (any song, honestly; "Zoom" is a very popular choice); They're a band I've been avidly listening to for six years now, and their genre ranges from alternative rock to indie pop-rock. They stand out because of their tropical influence over super catchy riffs and melodies—they really capture the essence of a nostalgic alternative indie-rock band.

Broken Bells—"The High Road" or "The Ghost Inside"; They've been around for awhile with a few hits on Sirius XM's Alt Nation station, and they're one of the few very underrated artists I know. They sound similar to The Gorillaz and Tame Impala but still carry a distinctive sound; their music tends to be ahead of it's time.


  • G Yamazawa—"Breathe" or "What It Is"; Also an artist I've been listening to for quite some time, he delivers lyrical poetry (he started off as a slam poet) over jazzy hymns and classic boom-bap beats. These two particular songs carry more of a chillwave, jazzy vibe. He does experiment with different hip-hop and trap sounds as well.
  • Little Simz—"3WW (with Alt-J)" or "Picture Perfect"; A prominent rapper who kicked off her music career on Soundcloud, her lyrics are meaty and her sound is grimy, although she does experiment with alternative sounds (makes sense that she and Alt-J have a song together) as well as trap.

And a Few More

  • If you like Arctic Monkeys, check out: We Are Scientists; their newer music consists of some grunge influence, but they're still very promising and have been an active band since the early 2000's.
  • Ever wondered what Foster the People and Portugal. The Man would sound like together? Check out: Sir Sly; they're pretty popular and have had two hits on the radio ("Run" and "High"), yet I don't hear enough of them or about them. Their music is solid and catchy.
  • Want an alternative rock band with more aggression and rhythm? Check out: Foals; They carry the classic indie sound, similar to The Maccabees or Two Door Cinema Club, but with heavy riffs and choruses, and a lot of spunk. Their song "Inhaler" perfectly embodies their overall sound, as it's the perfect mix of rhythmic rock and alternative indie. Their sound is very distinctive. 

*I plan on dedicating this page to Music recommendations and reviews. Thank you for your time and support.

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Under the Radar: Experimental Artists and Songs
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