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Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

Have a friend who's all about the music life? This holiday season, get them one of these unique gifts for music lovers—and watch them smile!

Speaking as someone who spent that past 10 years basically eating, sleeping, and breathing music, I can tell you that music lovers are a very unusual bunch. No other group of people will be as discerning when it comes to sound, nor as passionate about it as a music lover. 

If you want to get a gift for a music aficionado in your life, you're going to need to make sure that it's something just as unique as they are. Here are some of the most unique gifts for music lovers of all kinds—and why they'll want these on their gifting wishlists during the holidays. 

Personalized Record Doormat by Uncommon Goods

Perhaps one of the most unique gifts for music fans you can get is a customized doormat that's in the shape of a record. You get to choose what the doormat says—and what their "platinum hit" will be. 

For fans of retro aesthetics, or just people who happen to have a thing for customized stuff, this gift is one that'll definitely leave a lasting impression, in the best way possible. 

Record Cuff Bracelet by Jeff Davis

Many unique gifts for music fans involve records in one way or another. Whether it's a vinyl copy of their favorite 80s artists, or a piece of jewelry made from a real vinyl record, it's clear that vinyl and the music fandom just go together. 

That's why this stylish, sleek, and vinyl-made record bracelet will be a smash hit with your friend. It's made from a real vinyl record that has been tastefully recycled into a work of art. Sleek, trendy, and even work-appropriate, this is one bracelet your friend will love to get. 

Music IQ Party Game by Uncommon Goods

Though this might not be one of the most unique gifts for music lovers on this list, it's still not your average gift—and is therefore worthy of being featured. This game is all about getting everyone to test their musical mettle against each other, and learn more about the stories behind their favorite bands. 

If your friend is always bragging about their musical knowledge, ask them to play the Music IQ game with you to prove it. It'll be hours of fun!

Water Resistant Wireless Speaker by iHome

You might feel a bit underwhelmed with this gift. After all, plenty of music lovers get speakers and other similar tchotchkes for Christmas. However, looks can be deceiving. What makes this stylish speaker one of the most unique gifts for music lovers is the fact that it's both water resistant and comes with a personal music assistant. 

The personal music assistant lets your friend play whatever playlist they want, straight from Spotify—all by using voice commands. So, if they want to switch from hardcore emo to hardstyle, this device will make it easier than ever. 

DJ Cat Scratching Pad by Uncommon Goods

Have a friend who's really into all four elements of hip hop? Or, rather, do you have a friend who's a DJ and wants to get their cat in on the action? This adorable cat scratching post is one of the most unique gifts for music lovers who want to share the fun with their pets. 

With this scratch pad, your friend can DJ on a real turntable, while their feline friend scratches a "record" in their own way. Cute? Why, it's absolutely purr-fect if you ask us! 

Reclaimed Guitar Pick Mixed Metal Necklace by Naomi Celestin

Regular guitar picks aren't the most unique gifts for music lovers out there. But, if you add a twist to that classic gift idea, you'll definitely find a great new idea that's artsy, useful, and fun. 

This beautiful necklace is made of mixed metals and also works as a real guitar pick. Lady rockers who always lose their picks will find this pendant to be a gift that'll save them time and sanity. 

Cassette Tape Glasses by Uncommon Goods

Waiting to get your mixtape released and need a funky-fresh drink? Don't worry, Uncommon Goods has got your back with a set of six mixtape-themed glasses that will make your barware musician-approved. 

The fact that they're mixtape-themed isn't the coolest part, though. The most awesome part of these glasses is that you can actually mark them up with drinkers' names, using the included wax pencil. 

Wired Cat Ear Headphones by Brookstone

If you're looking for one of the most unique gifts for music lovers in the rave scene, look no further than Brookstone's infamous Cat Ear headphones. 

These headphones are ergonomically designed for long wear, have adorable cat ears that glow when you press a button, and also deliver incredible sound quality. 

If you want to share the music you love, don't worry. They also have speakers in the ears, so you can run a spur-of-the-moment dance party, whenever you want. 

Hard Shell Stereo Backpack by TRAKK SHELL

Most music lovers want to bring their music with them wherever they go. That's why this is one of the most practical and unique gifts for music lovers you can buy. It's a hardshell, shockproof, waterproof backpack that also has speakers built into it. 

The speakers aren't little dinky things, either. This hardshell backpack is known for being exceptionally loud with a 20W output, that's tailored to bringing out bass. This rechargeable backpack can play up to 12 hours of music on a single charge, and is large enough to hold a laptop. 

All of this alone would be pretty awesome, but the icing on the cake? It also lights up with an LED display, making it one of the coolest backpacks money can buy. 

JAMBOX G-FORCE Shoulder Bag by Fydelity

Love the idea of a speaker backpack, but are looking for something a little flashier? Then check out the JAMBOX G-Force bag by Fydelity. This beautiful splash-proof shoulder bag connects to any phone, mp3 player, or tablet via a 3.5mm jack, and blasts out music like a boombox. 

With four AA batteries, you can get up to eight hours of playback—all of it in super-clear stereo. Better still, it's soft and compact, and still capable of hauling a small laptop with ease!

Sterling Silver Treble Clef Bass Heart Ring by YFN

We couldn't have a list of unique gifts for music lovers without including one or two things for classical music fans and artists. This elegant silver ring is the perfect token of affection for that special, musically-inclined someone in your life. 

It's tasteful, elegant, and made out of silver. What's not to adore?

Record Pop Framed Print by Americanflat

Last, but not least, is an artsy twist on music. Pop art isn't just for books on your coffee table anymore! This beautifully framed print boasts a ton of Roy Lichtenstein influence, but also gives a nice nod to the ever-powerful record. 

If you're looking for an unusual gift for the geeky comic-loving girl in your life, this pop art print might be a great pick. It's elegant, tasteful, and still done up in a classic comic book art style. We couldn't hate this is we tried. 

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Unique Gifts for Music Lovers
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