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Using K-Pop Idols as a Way to Motivate

How do you take inspiration from K-pop idols? Say no more, as I will tell you how I made a huge change from the old me to the new me by just using my K-pop inspirations.

Me in the green hoodie

Ahhhh... the infamous picture of me before freshman year.

4 Years Later

Me now!!! Or like, a few months ago before high school graduation

So yes, in a world of advancing technology and knowledge, change is crucial. Why? How? What? First of all, let’s start with how you perceive change. Change can be either for the better or worse. Personally, I like changing for the better, a change that will benefit me, make me feel better, make me feel important, and keep me productive.   

Contrary to popular belief of the mistreatment of idols and extreme diet regimens, do you think these idols really will give up what they chased so hard for because of something like that? It’s dangerous, yes, but in life, risks hold the greatest or worst results. The greatest, however, are achieved through pure, hard work. These idols sacrifice sleep, eating, a social life, and safety just for the sake of their dreams. Now I’m not saying that you should be extreme and take the same risks, but on a daily basis, you should take small risks and push yourself further than your limit. These idols helped me aspire to be whatever I think I or others around me think I can’t be. 

Every time I get discouraged that it’ll be hard to lose weight, get better at dancing or singing, I look to these idols who worked hard through those pains and discouragements. Who am I, a person who has more freedom than these idols, to justify that it’s because they have the privilege to be like that, when I have more than what they have in their current situations. They used to be trainees and are very restricted, but they still work hard. I should be able to do the same thing, and it should be easier for me because I’m not restricted to one diet and I also have all the time in the world to gradually change because I’m not being forced to be perfect on stage in a short amount of time. Think about it the next time you feel like giving up and you can’t do it anymore.  

Out of everyone, you are already brave enough to start this journey or even think about being on this path. You’ve already started, so why not finish it all the way? If you fail, just like these idols who I’m sure have already been criticized to death because of looks and “incompetence” in their path, you should still get up somehow and come back even stronger!!! So go, do whatever it takes to reach over your limits. Even if you are limited, respect it, and find another way to continue this path. Not everything changes for the better. This isn’t about what’s fair and what is not. You will encounter inconsistencies and times of random energy spikes that will push you even further. 

It’s good to look back, but you can’t let that hold you back, but use it to learn from it. That’s what most of these successful idols did. They didn’t do it purely for the money and fame (although it’s a bonus). They did it because they know they’ve started what they could finish, and they knew it wasn’t gonna be a walk in the park. They know they’re gonna stumble, fall, bleed, and cry for their dreams. Even after all that, they can still push themselves in these situations, and now they’re the shining people you know they are now. That shine comes from pure determination, hard work, and positivity. So go!!! Be on your way!!! I’ll be right by your side in your change!!! There’s still time. You’re never too old or too young to change for the better!!!

Here are the suggestions for inspirational K-pop / Korean music

BTS - "Dope" (Music that’ll help you feel different and stronger from those who complain and “chill” instead of doing work)

Ailee - "Higher" (Uplifting music that inspires you to reach for the skies!!!)

Loveholic - "Butterfly" (Triumphant music!!!)

Loona - "Butterfly" (For enchanting/magical, inspirational times)

Itzy - "Dalla Dalla" (For those times that people think you’re never gonna make it just because you’re doing something that you usually don’t do)

And many more...  :3  

You can also find your own music to push you in a positive direction.

Leon Cardenas
Leon Cardenas

I’m Leon and I aspire to be a musician or become very proficient in my musical skills.  I made this Vocal because I want to be able to extend my inspirations using my music skills and using my personal life struggles.

Inst + Utube: leonreion

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Using K-Pop Idols as a Way to Motivate
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