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Ward Thomas Sign Up for Beach Clean Up

Ward Thomas are conscious of the damage the planet is dealing with.

Ward Thomas are best known for creating massive Country-Pop anthems such as "Carry You Home,""'Push For The Stride" and most recently the socially conscious "Lie Like Me."

Their music is at the forefront of the ever growing UK Country scene and back in 2016 they made chart history by becoming the first ever British country act to score a number 1 LP on the Official UK Album Chart when their sophomore release Cartwheels debuted at the top of the charts. 

Now, two years on, the duo consisting of non identical 24-year-old twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas is gearing up for the release of their eagerly anticipated third studio album Restless Minds. The new LP was originally scheduled for an October 5 release but it has now been announced that it will now drop on Friday, February 1, 2019. This is to better fit in with touring plans for next year which will be announced very soon. 

The new record is full of open and honest tracks and sees the girls focusing on social themes such as social media, women's rights, and mental health along with their twin bond. It is an album for the Millennial generation and is written from the 20-something perspective. 

The themes featured deal with very high profile issues and the duo obviously feel very passionate about our youth and society as a whole and do a lot of charity work with mental health organisations and also environmental charities. 

Their latest project sees them working alongside Marine Conservation Society for the annual beach clean. It is the Great Solent Beach Clean—which will be taking place in Hayling Island, Eastney, Southsea and Stokes Bay

Ward Thomas have announced that they will be helping to clean up the Wittering and Hove beach on Friday, September 14, and Saturday, September 15. After the clean up, they will also be performing a few tracks on the beach. 

The event has been organised by The News and Final Straw Solent, and is being held in association with the Marine Conservation Society and its Great British Beach Clean initiative.

The co-founder of Final Straw Solent, Bianca Carr, says she is delighted to have the Country-Pop duo on board for the upcoming event, saying:

"It’s amazing and a huge honour to have people like Catherine and Lizzy coming along.
People like them really help events like this to gather steam so we’re thrilled to have them joining us.
It’s so kind of them to be doing an acoustic performance for everyone too – I really can’t wait for that."

They have also urged fans to sign up to help clean their local beaches and to generally care more for our planet. 

It is very inspiring to see two young artists so involved in these sorts of organisations and they are really helping to raise the profile and will no doubt inspire a lot of people to do more good. 

They announced the news that they will be joining in with the annual beach clean next weekend via their social media channels:

Four beach cleans will be taking place in the mornings from 10am. One by Inn On The Beach in Hayling Island; one at Eastney seafront; one by Rocksby’s Restaurant in Southsea and the fourth meeting by Pebbles Fish and Wine Bar in Stokes Bay, Gosport.

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said of the clean ups: "There’s a real movement building in our city on plastics and the environment. People in Portsmouth can see first-hand the damage that’s being done to our precious marine habitats."

To find out how to get involved, email [email protected]

If you'd like to be involved in the annual Marine Conservation Society make sure you check out their website to find out more and to find out where you local clean up is taking place. 

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Ward Thomas Sign Up for Beach Clean Up
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