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We Are the In Crowd Is Alive Again in New Band, Stand Atlantic

We Are the In Crowd was one of the scene's most loved female fronted bands. However, since their hiatus, announced in 2016, the members have started new projects. What if I told you there's a new band ready to take over their spot?

We Are the In Crowd is a band from Poughkeepsie, New York, who split in 2016. The band was fronted by Taylor Jardine and instrumentally carried by Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri, Rob Chianelli, and Cameron Hurley. They were one of the biggest names in new punk music in the early 2010s. Interestingly, after the band's MySpace was hacked, Hopeless Records caught word of the small band and later signed them under the name "The In Crowd," which was changed due to copyright issues. Now named "We Are the In Crowd," the band released a single, which was quickly followed up with an EP in 2010, called "Agree To Disagree." 2011 saw the release of their debut album, Best Intentions, and in 2014, we received their second and final album, Weird Kids. Their music was also brought to a larger audience by calling on friends, like All Time Low for collaboration tracks. The band also toured with large, more popular bands and often covered songs by some of their favorite bands, like New Found Glory.

Between the EPs, collaborations, and albums, many singles were released, and throughout the band's time, we heard stories of loving relationships, bad liars, and mourning passed loved ones. We Are the In Crowd brought relatable life events to everyone's iPods with their songs and let them know they're not alone.

In 2015, a few band members tweeted about how the third album was finished, but it never officially saw the light of day. The band, did explain their reasoning, however, by saying that felt the album felt "forced" and they didn't want their fans to feel that in their music. The band also stated that they see no reason why there wouldn't be a future for the WATIC name. In the meantime, however, all members except Rob Chianelli, who is pursuing his solo endeavors, and Jordan Eckes, who has never released an official statement. The other members, however, went on to form SAINTE and just released their debut album, Smile, and Wave in 2017.

Stand Atlantic is a band from Sydney, Australia who formed in 2014. The band is female fronted, with vocalist Bonnie Fraser, backed up by guitarist David Potter and drummer Jonno Panichi. After a self-released EP in 2014 and a few singles here and there, the band landed a signing with a smaller record label, Rude Records, in 2017, releasing a single called "Lavender Bones," then followed up with their demo EP, "Sidewinder." The band struck gold in September of 2018, however, when they were featured on Triple J, a very popular Australian alternative music radio. The very next day, they announced their signing to Hopeless Records. The signing led to a few single releases, and their 2nd album, "Skinny Dipping."

Stand Atlantic and WATIC's journeys through music have many similar milestones, and I've even heard a fan theory that Stand Atlantic is a reincarnated We Are the In Crowd, in a way, and Taylor and the boys basically gave their third studio album to Stand Atlantic, which is definitely very outside the box and couldn't have reasonably happened, but it is something to think about. Especially since Stand Atlantic caught fame around the same time WATIC called their hiatus and have very close to the same vibe in much of their music.

As well as being compared to We Are the In Crowd, Stand Atlantic has also been compared to the early, much more angst filled, year of fellow Australian band, Tonight Alive, who is also female fronted. Both bands hail from Sydney and took over the punk scene during their time. Both bands also signed to Hopeless Records, Tonight Alive having been signed in early 2017.

These three bands have had similar journeys, WATIC and Stand Atlantic's being the most similar. The earlier two absolutely rocked our worlds with their music, and I expect the same from the Stand Atlantic in the near future.

As for musical  recommendations, I 100 percent recommend Stand Atlantic if you were a fan of Tonight Alive, We Are the In Crowd, or any other early 2010 pop band.

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We Are the In Crowd Is Alive Again in New Band, Stand Atlantic
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