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Weeknd Concert

XO of a time

Lit Life

We had amazing floor seats at the Weeknd Concert at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. We were in row thirteen in the middle aisle. The buzz was over the crowd and everyone was anxious to hear the vocals. Let me tell you, you would have had to be there to feel the essence of sound like nothing before. No breaks at all. The Weeknd, truly a class act when performing, sang each song back to back to back with minimal pauses in between. It was an unforgettable night with my love who was over the moon about the entire experience. We were floored as to the level of professionalism the Weeknd carried himself with. The songs were masterfully sung that night. I would one hundred percent go to another XO Weeknd concert in a heartbeat. Everyone was into his music and most people knew the words. It didn't matter though, he continued to surprise with each track he came with.

Along with our close up seats we had VIP access to the bars and entertainers' lounge area. This was great as we could purchase merchandise, beverages, or food all exclusively. No waiting in long lines, and getting first choices of drinks was a great feeling.

After our VIP access, we returned to the floor area and took some snaps. We saw a lot of people with their Weeknd badges and VIP access gear. Now with a track list such as Often, The Hills, Earned It, In the Night, Can't Feel My Face, Acquainted, this show was packed with songs that were billboard topping singles.

As far as concerts go this was one of the best concerts, hands down, we ever witnessed or attended. The vibe was well orchestrated with cages, pyros, and the band was top notch. The overall rating and experience for this concert was an A+. The Weeknd also had Travis Scott open the show as well as come back to do a couple more tracks, such as "Don't you open up that window", " Don't you let out that antidote." The entire stadium went crazy when they dropped it. We could definitely smell the antidote in the room. One of the security guards quickly had to come over 2 rows in front us to find out what the smells were. The security was on top of it and they found the culprit and had it put out right away. So big up to the security guards who put a stop to it.

We would almost always line up first to grab tickets to his next show. Hopefully this time there will be many new tracks and albums to listen to. For this show, we had first priority seating which really made us act quickly with everything and on top of that it was VIP, so with our badges and posters we looked legit in the crowd as a definite XO supporter. The badges were laminate and had a neck string so we sported them all night. We also received a cool bag and poster, both with the madness logo on them. It was such a cool experience and well worth the money spent for a superb show of such a talented individual. Thank you to my wife for rolling with me, we really had a blast of a time.

If you get a chance or opportunity, please take it. Go see in person for yourself how extremely talented this musician and artist is. We will definitely be looking out for the next tour that comes up. Please get tickets in VIP or the first 15 rows on the floor. You won't be sorry. Trust me, you will thank me later. Such a class act of an entertainer and gifted with music. At least go with a friend or gift tickets to someone who you know likes the music.

Everyone was having a terrific time and the Weeknd even went over about 30 mins. Just when people were leaving because they thought it was over, he came back to bless the audience with another track. Such a memorable time with my loved one, I hope others get to enjoy the experience one day like we did.

I'm sure the Weeknd is poised to sell out arenas all over the US and the world. His tour kept everyone on edge, the vibe was chill, the people were amazing. The cheering was massive. Towards the end of the show, when everyone was about to leave, the Weeknd surprised everyone with another number bringing everyone back into the mix one more time. The last thing anyone wanted to do was leave because the vibe was just so right and the evening was so eventful.

The Weeknd Concert

Madness Tour Pic

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Weeknd Concert
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