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What the Reputation Stadium Tour Means to Me

It was the best night. Never will I forget how we moved.

The Reputation Stadium Tour's second night in London was my first Taylor Swift concert. It has been my dream to watch her perform live and although I only got the cheapest ticket, watching high in up the stadium (my mum wouldn't allow me to spend more than 70 pounds), I was very excited.

My Tickets

And of course, I was not disappointed. Taylor is such an amazing singer and performer. The setlist was amazing and I was so happy that she sang "Love Story" and "You Belong with Me," which were the two songs that turned me into a Swiftie. The stage was enormous, the effects were remarkable, the hanging gondola was gorgeous, and don't even get me started on the huge snake props. I could go all day talking about how professional and spectacular her performance was. However, today I am not writing about this. Instead, I wanted to share with you something I felt deeply during and after that concert. It was a feeling so amazing that even after five months, I still feel it as strongly as I did that wonderful night.

So after the concert, I was taking the tube away from Wembley Park towards the city center. In the tube carriage, everyone has the tour wristband strapped to their wrist. Some people were talking about how spectacular the two hours were, while some were simply too exhausted and fell asleep. I was bored and so I looked around. That was when I noticed something remarkable. Among the blinking red lights from our wristbands, I realized, all of us were not of the same colour. There were whites, Asians, blacks, and many other races, and I was immediately struck in awe.

Knowing that Taylor has a broad fanbase, that probably shouldn't surprise me. However, when I thought about it deeper, I was amazed. It was the thought that people from different places and with different stories were somehow connected together that special night because of Taylor that really struck me.

My friend (who came with me) was from Hong Kong. I myself am a Malaysian of Chinese descent. The woman sitting next to me was from the Philippines and a few of the whites were from different countries in Europe. We are all from different places around the world, and yet that night, because of Taylor, we were all at the same place. In a strange but unique way, we were connected together.

All of us present share the same admiration for Taylor. We may come from different corners of the world, we may have different cultural backgrounds, we may have different stories. We may be very distinct, but in that stadium, with Taylor as the spotlight, we are so similar. We bopped to her music, we screamed the lyrics to every one of her songs, we danced crazily to "Shake It Off," we waved our hands to "New Year's Day"—that moment, that feeling, it is beyond words.

It has almost been half a year, but every time I think of that night, I always feel so emotional. When you looked at the entire crowd from high above, you saw how thousands of wristbands glow with the same colour to the same beat. When a group of fans turned on the torches on their phones, you see everyone else across the entire stadium followed, and in a matter of seconds, the entire stadium was lit up with millions of tiny white stars. It was absolutely breathtaking. At that very moment, you just knew something special was going on in that stadium. You just knew that there was a unique chemistry among all of us. Our hearts were beating to the same rhythm, just like the pulses of light from the wristbands. The colours of the lights may be different at times, but they were pulsating at the same beat.

We are not so different after all.

It was an unforgettable night for me, and I believe for everyone who was present, too. It made me feel hope deep down in my heart that no matter how different we think we are, we will always be able to come together as one. Always remember that if you ever feel left out or lonely, just remember that there are always people out there who are similar to you. One day you will be able to meet them. It might be through the most unpredictable way possible but you just have to believe that you will. And when that happens, it will be the best thing in your life.

(If you like what you read, please support by giving me a tip maybe? Haha. Have a good day.)

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What the Reputation Stadium Tour Means to Me
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