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When You Need A Feel Good Song...

Eddy Yang has one for you in "Split The Night"

Do you miss the days of feel good music? Think of the songs from the 80s that filled the soundtracks of our lives and the soundtracks of your favorite John Hughes’ movies. To me, this new song from Eddy Yang encapsulates both of these things. Before I get into the logistics of this song, which seems to be the first release ever from Eddy Yang (I may be wrong, but it’s the only song on his website and on his Soundcloud), here is a little bit about this talented singer/songwriter.

According to his short, but to the point, bio, “Eddy Yang is an emerging Asian American indie rock artist.” This musical genius is located in the Los Angeles area. His unique and exciting rock sound consists of energetic guitar riffs over electronic beats,” which will easily have you hooked to the simplistic yet energetic sound. “His influences stretch from classic rock artists like The Velvet Underground, Television, and Bruce Springsteen to modern artists like Kanye West, Beach House, and Chvrches.” Hopefully, as he puts out more songs, we’ll hear more of his influences in his music, although “Split The Night” is an excellent song on its own. His bio also stated that “Although he works within the confines of rock music, he embraces the production styles of modern pop music.” This first song definitely embodies an 80s rock sound melded with a pop sensibility. 

Listen to "Split The Night"

“Split The Night” start with an uptempo drum beat that really grabs your attention. It’s a catchy beat, but not played on actual drums (and when it comes to dance music there’s nothing wrong with that at all). In fact, it’s pretty cool that Eddy Yang does all of the vocals, guitar work, and beats/programming on this song. He’s a talented musician with a great sound.

As you continue listening to “Split The Night” you’ll be introduced to the guitar before the lyrics even start. The sounds of the guitar adds to the build of the music and simply adds more body to the beat of the “drum machine.” You’ll be bobbing your head from side to side once the music gets progressing, with visions of cruising down the road with the windows down on a warm and breezy summer day. “Split The Night” is a song that allows you a real introduction into the lyrics, with Eddy Yang’s clear voice and lyrics you can completely listen to and enjoy.

Other reviews have described this song as being a throwback to 90s grunge, and even that it would be a great country song. I feel like it really embodies the feel-good times of the 80s, as opposed to these other more depressing musical eras and genres. There is a little sadness and darkness to the lyrics, but the beat makes it feel happy nonetheless.

“Am I ever going to be myself? Maybe we could be somebody else.” These lyrics really speak a lot to anyone that has lived life and wondered what it was all about. Music lovers of all ages will be able to find something in the lyrics of this song that they can relate to. It’s a love song at its core, with a great beat. If it were to be compared to anything in the 90s, I would say it could be comparable to The Cure. It really has that same feel of Robert Smith-esque lyrics put to a beat that is happier than the song, making it a contradiction in and of itself.

All of these things should give you reason enough to check out this song for yourself.

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When You Need A Feel Good Song...
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