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White Label Analog’s 'Everybody Knows' (Single)

Dance Music to Inspire

White Label Analog is an Austin-based band that had one big goal in mind when they got together, and that was to have fun. If this newest track from them, “Everybody Knows,” is any indication, the band is having a blast.

This song is full of energy—so much so that it’s difficult not to move. Maybe you’ll just tap your toes, or maybe you’ll jump right up and dance. Whatever you do, this inspirational song is uplifting, motivational, and it’s definitely an ear-worm.

I highly recommend you give it a listen on SoundCloud.

There’s also a story in this song. Even before you know the “actual” story behind the song, you can tell that it’s something big, something deep, and it’s something extremely meaningful. I felt the love spoke of in the lyrics in my bones.

What it made me think of, as the song started, was a chorus singing together. It then moves into the lead singer and the typical vocals. He sings about sunny days and happiness. It’s a romantic song with a fun edge. It’s a song that made me want to hug my man and dance. It really made me want to dance.

It’s a song that can help you cheer up after a rough day. It’s a song that might make you believe in love again. If you don’t instantly feel at least a little bit happier while listening to this song, you have no heart at all.

There’s more to this song though—the intense beat offers a deeper meaning to the song. It’s not just a happy-go-lucky song, it’s a song to help you make it through the rough patches we’re all constantly going through these days.

On another angle, away from the relationship idea—you could hear this song as a testament to your spiritual calling (whether god is your “best friend,” or you worship nature, or something else altogether). Maybe the chorus opening led to this decision, or maybe this is just such an amazingly uplifting song that is difficult not to read a ton of things into it.

Singer Chris Didear actually wrote the song about his relationship with his wife. I like this relationship. It reminds me of mine. I love waking up next to my best friend each day. I know that things aren’t always perfect, but we get through the rough points by sticking together. If you’re in a healthy relationship/marriage with your best friend, this could be your song.

I like when the female harmony picks up in parts of the song. It’s so delicate that you almost miss it. Everything else stands out insanely in this song—but that one small part that is so light and airy makes it intriguing. It gives you something extra to listen for.

The lyrics stand out equally to the music backing them up. Mike Fisher on bass, along with Heath Macintosh drums/vocals and Chal Boudreaux on guitar/vocals, give this song a beat that cannot be denied as something extraordinary.

So, if you want inspiring music that uplifts and inspires (and lifts your feet too), with an infectious dance beat and lyrics that will be stuck in your head for hours (and you’ll be happy about it), this song has what you’re looking for.

If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal/Beat. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like.

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White Label Analog’s 'Everybody Knows' (Single)
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