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Who Is BTS?

Who is the global phenomenon known as BTS?

BTS at the music awards

Hailing from South Korea, this seven member boy band has started making headlines in the US. From appearances on shows such as Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, to performing at the Billboard Music Awards and their newest hit "Idol" at America's Got Talent. They even beat out many of the popular artists in online poll votes on the Billboard's website. In just a short period of time, BTS has become a global phenomenon. So what makes BTS so popular?


BTS is known for touching taboo subjects in their music. From depression and self love, this group of seven encourages their fans, known as Army, to stay strong through their trials and to love themselves, while giving them something to dance to. Though known as a K-Pop group, BTS covers many different genres and always gives their fans something new. From hip-hop to pop and everywhere in-between, there's bound to be something for everyone to enjoy, if you can make yourself comfortable enough to get past the language barrier.


If you haven't noticed, and you must be blind or haven't seen them perform if you haven't noticed, BTS is known for their amazing choreography. Their precision in every performance and always giving their all, makes them one of the greatest dancing boy groups in K-Pop history. With complicated dancing and a good beat, many of BTS's Army make dance covers on popular social medias like YouTube and Instagram. These covers seemed to catch the members' attention. BTS even created their own dance challenge for their fanbase to cover their "Idol" dance and be featured in the second upload of the "Idol" music video, but this time, with Nicki Minaj.


If it wasn't known, most of the Army like to point out the looks of each BTS member. From labels such as bias and bias wrecker, many female Army have an obsession with the members and are very vocal about it. No matter if they're crushing on the youngest, Jungkook, or the eldest, Jin, most of the fanbase will be ready to let you know. Not to mention, the group has been featured in Puma ads and rock Gucci almost any and everywhere. And let's not forget that BTS was in a skin care ad. Who am I kidding? If I could have skin as clear as those members, I'd spend my money's worth.


Starting with the eldest, Jin, he is like the “mother” of the group. Other than being overprotective and caring, like a mother, he's also a mad cooker and can hit some pretty high high-notes. Min Yoongi, who's stage name is Suga, is the second oldest and one of the rappers of the group. Suga is known for his fiery bad boy antics, but is deep down very caring and shy. He's your hope, you're his hope, he's J-Hope. (If you don't get it, you need to watch their interviews.) He's the dancer to beat and a goofball while at it. Next is RM, formally known as Rap Monster, and also known by his real name Kim Namjoon, is the leader of BTS and is like the protector of the group. RM demonstrates leadership, kindness and attentiveness that every leader of a K-Pop groups should have.

Next in line is Jimin, who's real name is Park Jihyun. As you'll probably note him as a dancing machine, he's also a big softie and definitely one the silliest members. With his ability to be playful and sweet, he's honestly someone you'd want as a friend, because the days would never be dull. Now following in line is V, also known as Kim Taehyung. He is the second youngest of the group, but exudes some great maturity. V shows he has the ability to get along with just about anyone, while keeping a joyful smile and bringing happiness to everyone he comes into contact with. Finally, we have Jungkook, who is also called by Jeon, since it's part of his name. Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, but that doesn't mean maturity escapes this young one. Jungkook is known for his youthfulness and is almost always compared to a bunny, due to his innocence and playfulness.


As to what makes BTS so special, besides the things I've already told you, BTS has a great love for their fans and diversity. BTS leader, RM, has even expressed love and support for those who associate themselves with the LGBT community. Many of the fans find this amazing, due to the fact that it's so taboo to talk about things concerning that in South Korea. This has made BTS even more likable by ones who feel outcast by their peers and others for being in the LGBT community. Sharing support has made many of BTS's Army fall in love with the group even more.

No matter the topic, nor how taboo, BTS has proven to stand for what they feel is right. They hear the suffering of people and want to make sure they all know that in life, BTS has faced many of the same trials and that they're listening. Most artists today do not respond to fans through music to let them know that they're being heard. BTS does such an exceptional job staying relevant and pleasing their fans all over the globe. With trials and adversities that may have plagued their past, one thing's for sure. BTS will go down as one of the greatest K-Pop groups in history and I'm sure they'd want you along for the ride. 

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Who Is BTS?
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