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'Whoo' by Rainbow

I miss Rainbow.

Rainbow WHOO Music Video

I miss Rainbow. OK, I must be honest. It wan't until they released this song that I started listening to them. I was so upset when they announced they would disband just a few months after this song was released. I was really looking forward to seeing what else I could fall in love with. Anyway, I still don't know much about their musical career, but I do follow most of the members on Twitter. In the short time that I got to know them, Hyunyoung caught my attention the most. She honestly has an amazing body and her vocals are amazing as well.

Something that also caught my attention was her pink hair that she used during the promotions of "Whoo." It really suited her and made her look so cute. But I think the actual number one reason I love her is because she looks so much like Way from Crayon Pop. Like she really does. I don't know if it's because of the hair and makeup used for this comeback that she looks so much like the Huh twin. As many of you know, Crayon Pop is my ultimate girl group bias, and I just wish both of these groups received the recognition they deserve.

Also, her body is body goals. Like from all the members, I think she fits the jeans concept very well. But the girls looked great in general. I also noticed that the girls all looked healthy and most of them have abs, which I am super jealous of. I haven’t heard much from the members media wise—except for Jisook, I heard from her a little while after their official disbandment. She was also the first member I knew about because she came out in Sister Slam Dunk season one. In the show, there was a brief explanation on how Jisook was a JYP trainee for a while. Then I saw her in a show where idols try and look for the place to go on trip to. In the show, she was one of the MCs.

Something that also caught my attention from these girls was that each member has an assigned rainbow color. To be honest, I don’t know why this concept didn’t gain them more popularity. It was so creative for someone to come up with a concept where the members are assigned a color of the rainbow to represent each member and call the group Rainbow. It’s genius! I know that there are a few groups that also use colors to represent each member like Red Velvet and, of course, Crayon Pop. However, unlike these groups, the color to represent each member is usually given on the fact of what is the favorite color of a particular member.

I really hope to hear more from the rest of the members.

I noticed that most of the girls keep tabs on the rest of the members.

I know that most of them, if not all, follow each other on different social media platforms.

That makes me really happy because that means they still care for each other after all these years.

I’m glad they are still in good terms and rooting for each other, even if they have taken different paths.

Also, I hope DSP Media continues to actively promote April.

Little by little, they are gaining popularity and I hope their management doesn’t abruptly discontinue their comebacks.

Not only April, but all artists under this label and all artists, in general.

Artists really deserve to be promoted since they worked hard for many years without guarantee of success.

See you next week!

- Style Idol Closet

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Credits: DSP Media