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Why Are You Ranking: Best Lil’ B Disses and Curses Listed from Unhappy to Based

If you're not familiar with the rapper Lil' B (the B is for Boss) the BasedGod, then here is a brief introduction into his world of imprecations and critiques.

The BasedGod shows the peace sign

Belief in superstitions still persists even though the Age of Enlightenment dispelled those mystical notions centuries ago. Within the realm of booty shaking, loud bass, and wanton drug usage, Hip Hop, hardly anywhere else is the idea of curses so regarded as veracious. Point to the Bay Area rapper Brandon “Lil’ B” McCartney’s infamous alleged “spells” that he cast on rappers and professional basketball players alike. The key to the whole thing is that Lil’ B doesn’t actually believe in curses, allegedly. He just likes to stir the pot (as a part of his cooking dance) and see the facts of reality play themselves out before all of our eyes. Though under 30 years old as of this writing, without a major label, management, or the other accoutrements that go along with being a rap star, Lil’ B has amassed millions of views on his YouTube channel; he has a following of over a million people on Twitter; and he has a deep catalogue of independent music. With the curses and the disses, he proclaims himself to be The BasedGod. This moniker gives him the power to decide whether an individual will be called out and eviscerated culturally based on The BasedGod’s sharp barbs and verbal attacks. For anyone who dares to cross this man, prepare for the scrutiny (at least) of a youngster with enough power to sway an entire genre. So, get your wonton soup and big belts for Why Are You Ranking: Best Lil’ B disses and curses listed from unhappy to Based.

Harden focuses here.

Could Harden be weighing his options after being "cursed"?

3. James Harden

Basketball phenomenon and the 2018 National Basketball Association (NBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) James Harden hasn’t always had it this good. After showing off his skills on the court, Harden would perform what appeared to be Lil’ B’s signature cooking dance. When prompted to ask whether Harden was “biting” McCartney’s style, he never answered the BasedGod. Thusly, “a curse” was placed on Harden’s head. The NBA superstar lost his mojo shortly after the alleged curse and even committed 13 turnovers in the NBA Playoffs, a record that still stands. After over two years, Lil’ B relieved Harden of the malediction and announced publicly that Harden had nothing to fear. 

Rank: Unhappy

Durant wonders here.

Is Durant pondering how to rid himself of future "curses"?

2. Kevin Durant

Before becoming MVP in 2014 and a back-to-back NBA Champion and NBA Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018, The BasedGod came calling. Similar to the James Harden hex, Lil’ B just a few years prior had struck a deal with his alter ego The BasedGod to bring an athletic plague upon the house of Durant. After issuing a tweet that disparaged Lil’ B’s music, the rapper then took it upon himself to exact revenge by offering to play Durant in a one-on-one game of hoops. When Durant declined the game, Lil’ B went into full attack mode. The BasedGod sent down a message that Durant would fail against the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, which he did ultimately. The curse was not revoked until Durant announced that he would begin playing for the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Rank: I look like Jesus

Budden lost his shirt literally to Lil' B.

Has Joe Budden recovered from the verbal assault delivered by the BasedGod?

1. Joe Budden

What can be construed as the best rap diss in history to never be  responded to (yet), “T Shirts and Buddens” is a Hip Hop standard. In the track, Lil’ B completes a wheelhouse kick to Mood Muzik impresario Joseph “Joe” Budden with lines like “Sit down old man, you’re back ‘bout to blow out.” Other lines, “I tried to give you chances/ Didn’t take my hand out/ And now you’re looking as stupid as you did when you came out” remain just  nuggets of the lyrical bar of gold that The BasedGod offers here. In the end, no curse was involved just curses in the song. Lil’ B made clear that Joe Budden is a “legend” and that he shows no animosity towards the veteran Hip Hop star and social media engineer.

Rank: Based

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Why Are You Ranking: Best Lil’ B Disses and Curses Listed from Unhappy to Based
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