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Why I Love My Favourite Singer, Olly Murs

This article is written with love and passion for my top favourite singer. I do not in any way make claims to be affiliated with this person, and I strictly do not claim to own his music. The songs in my playlist are soley the works of Olly Murs.

I have the pictures of Olly Murs I bought, in frames on a door in my lounge. I have the cup,T-shirt, the CDs and even playlists of his work on Spotify. I cannot get through my week without a song or seeing him on television. So, what is it about this singer I love?

Well for one, it started with watching him perform "Superstition" on the X-Factor of which I found myself watching the screen, practically telling the judges out loud to "press that button." Olly came across to me as nervous when he first took his spotlight in front of those judges, but once he started singing and dancing, my heart started racing, and I was singing along in no time. I was over the moon to see he had gotten through, and ever since that day I have loved him.

I don't think there is one song by Olly Murs that I do not like. "My Heart Skips a Beat" was the one that got me hooked, and even more so when I discovered how good this man could dance. I am also obsessed with Olly in hats!  I do not know why, there is just something about the way he looks in them that melts my heart to the ground.

I watched Olly play football for the first time, when I chose to watch Socceraid which was a fundraising event run equally with Olly and Robbie Williams in a bid to raise funds for the charity UNICEF, and to help people in third world countries who were in extreme poverty.  The programme had me in tears.  I have struggled with poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and lack of money all my life. However, even though my situation is nowhere near as bad as those people, it did ring a sad note in my mind that I could easily relate to.

Olly is full of humour, always making jokes, and doing very comical things. For example his face on The Voice when he wants a singer to pick him, and they chose the other judges makes me laugh. He is originally from Essex, and he made one comment about the fact that if the potential singers are from Essex, then they "don't pick" him!  It makes me sit there and think why not?

Let us talk about two songs by Olly that I really love, hold a special meaning to me, and make me smile and cry at the same time.  "Dear Darlin" is the first of these songs. Olly sings this with a passion and an emotion that I find hard to describe, but I can relate to. "Dear Darlin" is my song by Olly which I dedicated to two girlfriends.  One I lost in a fire accident, and another I lost through suicide.  I was there at both incidents and I am still not over this yet. This song helps me express what I cannot put into words.  The other song is "Excuses." Interestingly, I have made excuses all my life, and the song very much reflects me.  There is always an excuse for not studying, writing, singing, and it reflects back to my past with domestic violence and abuse, of which I am fighting to rebuild my confidence, self esteem and my self worth in the after-math.  The song also has another meaning, and that is when people get close and then ask me out because of my own difficult situation. I am "washing my hair," "too busy," "never want to be with people again" these are my excuses, and I often deny my own feelings, and listening to this song is like talking to myself on that note!

Other songs, such as "Yours for Every Season," "Grow up," "Dance with Me Tonight," "Take Your Love," "Beautiful to Me" and "Hey You Beautiful" get me on the dance floor, because they are upbeat, cheery and again are songs I relate to. These are confidence building songs for me because they make me feel worth something when I feel worthless and the teach me to try and see myself through the eyes of others, which is something else that I struggle with.

Now for a funny story—sorry Olly, but I had to add this!  My love for this singer leads people to humorously tell me that I have a "crush" on him, and I wrote about crushes in a previous article. Like most who are massively into music, I enjoy following my favourites, staying up to date with new songs, and collecting merchandise. This year I am over-the top excited as I am going to see Olly in concert for the first time ever, despite my battle with PTSD, anxiety and depression.  I am looking forward to this in a major way.  Thousands of people get celebrity crushes, but that does not mean we are going to throw our lives away and run off with them.  I admire a lot of singers, so if you're accusing me of "crushing" on Olly, your accusing me of "crushing" on them too.

In this article, below I have included a Spotify list of some of my favourite songs by Olly. This is my list, but these songs are purely and strictly the work of Olly Murs.

This is a list of my top songs by Olly Murs. All rights to these songs strictly belong to the artist.