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Why Jeong Sewoon Is One of a Kind

And Why He Could Potentially Sing and Dance His Way into Your Heart, if You Let Him!

Jeong Sewoon, A Singer-Song Writer from Masan South Korea, an Artist Under Starship Entertainment

The singer under Starship entertainment, a music label home to familiar artists such as Monsta X, and the late girl group Sistar, made himself known through a survival program called Produce 101, a survival show with 101 male trainees from various entertainment companies, or male idols who had already debuted plus individual trainees, broadcasted through the T.V network Mnet, and produced by CJ E&M.

Sewoon, not so surprisingly, made it through until the very last episode, ending the show at rank 12. Sure, Sewoon didn't make it to the group of 11 trainees, who would today be known as Wanna One, but he came very close to doing so. Despite not making it into Wanna One, he was truthfully relieved that he didn't make it into the group. Through an interview with Soompi, he mentioned that it would have been nice to make it into the top 11, but he was grateful that he was able to share his music for many people to hear, regardless of whether he made it into the top 11.

Just two and a half months after participating in 'Produce 101,' Sewoon debuted with his very first mini album titled 'Ever' on August 30th, 2017.

Truthfully, I wasn't sure we would be seeing anyone from Produce 101, minus Wanna One, for a long time. I assumed that the companies wouldn't let their trainees debut so soon, but it seems Starship saw Sewoon's potential, and knew after ending Produce 101 like he did, that he was ready to debut.

The album itself didn't do extremely well on the charts, but that's expected for any rookie solo artist, sometimes they just need time to grow into something beautiful, and Sewoon seemed to do just that. He has released four mini albums, and as each album was released, you could see how he grew throughout each comeback. His music seems to get better and better, comeback after comeback, Sewoon never seems to disappoint. 

He can dance... if he has to.

Despite not being a dancer, he can when he's given the opportunity. An example of this, is during Produce 101, in which he performed several songs. One song in particular that he performed was almost fully dance-based, titled "Oh Little girl," which he performed with six other trainees, Choi Minki, Lee Keonhee, Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Ahn Heongseop, and Lee Euiwoong.  

Sewoon can adapt to any concept that is given to him.

Through each album he's released, you can see how each album has its own concept. His first mini album was released in two parts, the first part being titled Ever, and the second part being titled After. After was significantly different in terms of music, but not different enough to where Sewoon couldn't make the album fit into his own style. The title track was titled "Baby It's U," and has a slight EDM vibe, but the song itself is still laced with acoustics from the beginning to the end of the song.

His recent album, titled Plus Minus Zero is a concept that shows us a different, more bold and forward side of Sewoon. His main title track, "Feeling," is an upbeat song that is laced with EDM and acoustics, much like"Baby It's U." The main thing that is exceptionally different with this album, is the concept photos. The photos within the album are sensual, showing us a sensual, and dare i say, sexy side, we've never seen of him. 

He can compose and write music.

He took part in writing and composing songs for some of his albums, including "Nevermind" from his album Ever, "Close Over" from After, "White" from Plus Minus Zero, and also helped arrange "Going Home" from Plus Minus Zero.

One cute fact about him is that he owns two guitars, one named "Pudding" and the other guitar being named "Bread." 


I truthfully could say more about Sewoon, but if I continue for much longer I would end up writing a whole book about how amazing and wonderful this man really is! Keep a look out for his music, and support his comebacks if you're able to do so!

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Why Jeong Sewoon Is One of a Kind
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