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Why You MUST Listen to this Ed Sheeran Song

No. It's not "Shape of You."

The brilliance of Ed Sheeran in creating his latest album, Divide, makes us mortals remember the sheer happiness of love, the flashbacks of our break-ups, and in one occasion, makes us want to drink sangria (listen to "Barcelona").

But there is one song in particular that had me stuck on repeat until at present. Ed Sheeran’s "Hearts Don’t Break Around Here" tells us a story of a love that’s enveloped in the foundation of trust, shared tears, deep conversations, and bravery without overworking it and sounding too mushy. This acoustic love song is calming to every troubled soul out there down to the tee. The storytelling prowess of Ed through his songs was truly evident in this one.

“She is the sweetest thing that I know
You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low
Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every time
Took my heart upon a one way trip
Guess she went wandering off with it
Unlike most women I know
This one will bring it back whole
Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead
Oh my baby, lately I know”

The person that Ed Sheeran was talking about in the song is about his longtime girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn in which he talks about how he feels about her. This was written at the time when Ed disappeared from the pressing limelight in 2016 where he was apparently struggling with his overwhelming fame.

On the note about the song, the first few lines depict a “sweet girl” that brings a change to the persona of the song. The girl is described to be no other because on the way she makes him take a journey with her with the complete assurance and faith that this girl will “bring it back home.”

Let that sink in a little. In the world that we live in, giving complete faith in one person that he or she will not break your heart often opens the floodgates of heartbreak. But why do we still do it? Why do we still risk it?

Love. Whether it would be worth it or not, we still hold on to it because it gives meaning to everything in this world.

"Well I found love in the inside
The arms of a woman I know
She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
And I'm not scared of passing over
Or the thought of growing old
Because from now until I go"

The line talks about self-realization on capturing an individual's happiness and desire. The person knows oneself and his or her happiness and no one can take that away from him or her. That is why it subdues fear of growing old or fear itself.

Love and every day. The portrayal of love here was shown not in the grandest of gestures, but the love in moments that we always have that sometimes we would take it for granted. It’s not about the hyperbolic effect of love, but the consistency of being in the moment with your significant other that makes love your rock that cannot be moved or destroyed.

"That every night I'll kiss you you'll say in my ear Oh we're in love, aren't we?" gives us an image of two souls that would always reaffirm and display their love every single day.

That brings us to everyday. Every day is real. It grounds the romantic or idealistic way of looking at love. Every day is sometimes scary. We can get carried away with other things like insecurities, fears, material possessions, and such. But even if those things are always there, you always put forth love.

How about you? What is your favorite song on the album? 

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Why You MUST Listen to this Ed Sheeran Song
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