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Freddie Nelson to Release Real Rock Record

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

Freddie Nelson is a soon-to-be rock god with a new album coming out in early July. Why rock god, you ask? Take a look at him. He has the looks of Nikki Sixx and he has the voice of a rock god. I could...


in Culture

Does experimental music involve the giving up of music? To answer this question both music and experimental music needs to be defined. Composer Elliot Schwartz (n.d) defines music as ‘the organisation...

Groupoem Returns After 25 Year Hiatus

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

Groupoem is an alternative rock band that went on a 25-year hiatus and then decided to reform with the original members. To fund a tour, much like many bands are doing these days, they opted to try cr...

Guide to Metal Subgenres

Bethany Tiamat
in Buyer's Guide

Any newcomer to metal is almost immediately overwhelmed by the cornucopia of metal subgenres in existence. When you look on paper, names don't mean too much. Doom metal? Black metal? Death metal? They...

Signs You're Getting Dropped From the Band

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Being part of a band isn't easy. There are constant practice sessions, rehearsals, and work involved in touring. At times, even just squeezing the time to play at different venues and sync up schedule...

Gary Puckett Remembers Union Gap and Young Girl

Rich Monetti
in Entertainment

As musicians themselves, the parents of Classic Rock Icon Gary Puckett made sure their children grew up in a home where music was often played and listened to. His dad played the sax and sang in Barbe...

Memories of Old and AM Gold (Part 3)

Eric Allen
in Entertainment

Often reflecting back upon the days when AM radio ruled the airwaves with infectious bubblegum earworms and Casey Kasem’s weekly American Top 40 countdown, I remember prime time television also provid...

Must Listen: Jay-Z Greatest Songs

J.R. Gonzalez
in Entertainment

"... First I snatched the streets then I snatched the charts/First I had they ear, now I have they heart..." These lines could summarize Jay-Z's career but it hardly covers everything that Jay-Z has a...

Review of Rob Sheffield's Dreaming The Beatles: 7 of X

Paul Levinson
in Entertainment

Been a bit since I posted a review of Rob Sheffield's Dreaming the Beatles, mostly because this is not a book to be rush-read or even normally read (whatever pace that might be), but savored, and also...

#OverloadMondays: New Releases From Big Boi, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz and More

Sadé Sanchez
in Entertainment

Okay so here's some of what happened last week (6/12-18).

Avery LR’s New Mixtape Is Dope

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

I’m a fair weather rap fan. I don’t like rap that gets radio play and I only like some rap. OK, that’s not entirely true. I like some stuff from Eminem, but I liked N.W.A. I have a nephew that is a ra...