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10 Best Synthpop​ Songs

Synthpop music features synthesizers​ and is a subgenre of New Wave music. This music features electronic beats combined with pop music.

The list below contains the Top 10 Best Synthpop Songs. This list is based on research and on my own personal opinions.

10. "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys

This song was written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe and was released twice as a single. The song was inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land” which is about the struggles of inner-city living. This song reached number one in the UK in 1985, and number one in the US in 1986. This song also won best single at the Brit Awards in 1987.

9. "Trans-Europe Express" by Kraftwerk

This song is the title track off Kraftwerk’s sixth album which was released in 1977. This song is about the Trans Europe Express railroad. This song reached number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1977. It also reached number one in France.

8. "Take on Me" by A-ha

This song was originally released in 1984, but then re-released in 1985. The second version of this song was more popular and reached number two on the UK Singles Chat in 1985. This song is also the only A-ha song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. This song is most famous for the video which features the band drawn as cartoons and also combine with live action. The video won six awards on the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards.

7. "Blue Monday" by New Order

This song was released as a 12 inch single in 1983 and is the best-selling 12 inch single of all time. The melody is out of sync with the beat which makes this song unique.

6. "Are Friends Electric?" by Tubeway Army

This song is the second single off Tubeway Army’s 1979 album “Replicas”. This track reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and stayed at the number one spot for four weeks in a row. This song was written by Gary Numan, who is the lead singer of the band.

5. "Sweet Dreams (Are made of these)" by Eurhythmics

This song is the title track from Eurhythmics 1983 album. It was released as the fourth single from the album. This song made it to number two on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. This was the first track the band released in the US. This song is also ranked at number 356 on Rolling Stone’s The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

4. "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode

This song was released in 1989 as a single off Depeche Mode’s “Violator” album. This track made it to number 13 on the UK Singles Chart and number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was the band’s first gold certified single in the US. This song also stayed on the charts in Germany for 23 weeks. This song was inspired by the book “Elvis and Me” written by Pricilla Presley. The song is about being a Jesus-type person for someone else. This song was written by Martin Gore.

3. "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell

This song was written by Ed Cobb and was covered by Soft Cell. This 1981 cover made the song a hit. This song was number five on VH1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 1980s.

2. "Whip It" by Devo

This song was written by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale. This song was the second single off 1980’s “Freedom of Choice” album. This song was Devo’s biggest hit and it reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. This song also was number 62 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the '80s. The song is about a working class desire to overcome adversity. The song is also about President Jimmy Carter and has violent undertones.

1. "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Bungles

This song was released as The Bungles first single in 1979 and is featured on their album “The Age of Plastic.” This song was a big hit and reached number one on sixteen international music charts. The song was written by Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and Bruce Woolley and covered by The Bungles who made it a huge hit.

In conclusion, Synthpop music is a subgenre of New Wave and is best known for it's use of synthesizers. Many of the tracks on this list are electro sounding and make great songs to dance to and are often played at club nights. This list is a collection of some of the best songs from this subgenre. I hope you enjoyed this list! 

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10 Best Synthpop​ Songs
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