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10 Musicians Taking Over the Underground Hip-Hop Scene

And Hopefully Rising to Stardom Soon

Since the creation of SoundCloud in 2007, the underground hip-hop scene has had a level of buzz around it that it's never seen before. Many artists collect hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of plays on the platform without ever being considered mainstream, being signed to a label, or even having a manager. Musicians such as, Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, XXXTentacion, and many more rose up from the underground to go on to be famous artists with standing legacies to last a lifetime. With that being said, here are ten artists who have the potential to take over the underground scene, and rise to fame in the next couple of years. 

Note: This list is in no particular order.

1. Vaboh

Vaboh is a pop and R&B singer from D.C. Most of the time he sings about depression, and heartbreak, fueled by past anger and resentment. Vaboh noted in an interview with PALM that he doesn't think his music's fuel is a negative thing, and that he uses music as an outlet. He also said that the fact that people can relate to his music, and his message, is dope. Vaboh has since released many more songs, and made music videos for his tracks, "I Never Thought You'd Be My Enemy," "Listen if You Hate Someone," "Mistakes Before I'm Gone."

Best tracks: "Hell is Wherever You're Alive," "Listen if You Hate Someone," "I Never Thought You'd Be My Enemy."

2. Convolk

Convolk is one of the better known artists on this list with almost 300 thousand monthly Spotify listeners at the time of writing this. He has been on several mini-tours with other emo-rap artists, and has been seen on Instagram with the likes of Guccihighwater, 9tails, and more. Convolk's career took a big jump after his music appeared on the Sad Chill YouTube channel. He's racked up millions of views across his music videos for songs like, "Tie Me to The Train Tracks," "Dead in December," "I Fucked Up," and his collaboration with 9tails and Guardian, "Whatever It Takes." 

Best tracks: "Tie Me to The Train Tracks," "I Fucked Up," "By My Lonely," "Please Don't Shoot."

3. $not

$not is somewhat of a low-laying character in the underground scene. He has millions of streams across his Soundcloud page, but not much is known about him. He doesn't share much personal business, and mostly keeps to himself. However, as far as his music goes, $not has found the perfect mixture between trap-rap and lofi-rap. He found a lot of his growth by buying paid promotion on Instagram through meme pages like @_extendo_, for his song "CA$E 19" with JASIAH, which now has over three million streams on Soundcloud. Since then $not has gone on to release his biggest hit yet "GOSHA," which has over four million Soundcloud streams as well as almost two million music video views on the 'Elevator' channel. 

Best tracks: "CA$E 19," "GOSHA," "h2o," "Billy Boy."

4. Zac Flewids

Zac Flewids is a Canadian rapper, who has spent the better part of the last decade perfecting his craft. When it comes to music, Zac is a hard one to beat. He can pretty much do it all, sing, rap, produce, mix, and master. He has released several mixtapes and EP's, along with visuals for a lot of his singles. Earlier this year Zac released a collaborative EP with KRESNT called The Burgundy Cycle. He has also done songs with artists like Dylan Reese, Jarren Benton, and most recently Mick Jenkins. "Steps ft. Mick Jenkins," is a true work of art in the underground music scene, even getting onto Anthony Fantano of TheNeedleDrop's radar and ending up in his best tracks section of his weekly roundup. At this point in time, Zac claims he's working on his album that will be coming out soon.

Best tracks: "Double Condom," "Pink Toe Panther," "Jungle Book," "No Empathy."


CHVSE, formally known as Sir Skitzo, is another Canadian rapper that most familiar fans would classify as a, "YouTube rapper." He got his first bit of recognition with his, "Rapping on Omegle," videos, where he would go into a random chat with a stranger on Omegle, and simply start free-styling for them. This past year, CHVSE hasn't been much of a YouTube rapper, uploading videos on a non-existent schedule, and barely releasing new music. It's only recently that CHVSE has started his craft again. Since coming out of the dark, he has released an EP called, Broken, which mainly focuses on his painful break up with beat-boxer, and fellow YouTuber, MisFire. CHVSE also released a music video for his song "Blackout," which has accumulated 2.3 million views on Youtube. He also released a song with Dax, and his good friend PFV, and went back to his YouTube rapper roots, appearing in a YouTube Cypher along with the likes of Hi-rez, Crypt, DizzyEight, and more.

Best tracks: "Alliteration," "Rumors," "Potential," "Going Crazy," "Dead," "Sore."

6. Kill Zero

Kill Zero is perhaps the most mysterious character in the underground scene right now. His music has gained hundreds of thousands of plays across his Soundcloud, yet no one knows a single thing about him. He doesn't share any personal information, and never really shows his face. As of now, his Instagram has one post, in which his face is vaguely shown, however, the pictures are blurry and dark, so you really can't see anything. Kill Zero uses a lot of auto-tune, most of the time, that normally would be too much, and come off as annoying, but the way he utilizes the auto-tune is infectious and makes you want to sing along. He released a small three song EP with Juice Wrld last year, and has since been releasing singles on his Soundcloud.

Best tracks. "Whimpers in The Darkness," "Pissed Off," "Love in The Grave," "Ember."

7. Ronen

Ronen is a hip-hop singer, rapper, and producer. He produced FLEXIN by late artist Lil Peep, released in 2016. He has amassed hundreds of thousands of plays over his Soundcloud. He embraces the sad-rap genre with open arms, while incorporating elements of modern radio hip-hop. Ronen appeared in a music video with, once frequent collaborator, LilDustyG, which now has over 300 thousand views on YouTube. Ronen also made a music video for his song featuring Dusty, "One Night Stand," which has since been deleted. He said in an Instagram live with the aforementioned Vaboh, that he is currently working on an EP, and will be featured on Vaboh's project as well.

Best tracks: "One Night Stand," "Tell Me," "Lies."

8. LilDustyG

It's been established that LilDustyG has been a collaborator with the previous artist Ronen. Dusty found success with his single, "Burn," featuring Ronen, after releasing a music video for the track and buying paid promotion on Instagram. Dusty released a music video for his song, "Waste Ur Time," which has since been deleted after controversy surrounding his music. He was called out by several people for stealing lyrics from artists like Lil Peep, but eventually apologized stating that he was only making music for fun, and never thought he would get the audience that he has. Since his apology, Dusty has released more music, staying away from already-used lyrics, and he released a music video for his song, "Dead End."

Best Tracks: "Drugs," "Ghost Rider," "Insects."

9. NoCloud

NoCloud is one of the lesser known artists on this list, but he still managed to gain traction, and get thousands of plays on his songs. In 2018 NoCloud released an album called Memories of You and I, and released a music video for his song, "Pick Me Up." Most recently NoCloud has released a new single titled, "Yellow Pills," accompanied by a music video premiering on the Sad Chill YouTube channel, currently sitting at 13 thousand views.

Best tracks: "Yellow Pills," "Detox," "Bourbon," "Pineapple Juice."

10. Conscience

Conscience, or Roger Ramos Jr., is without a doubt the least-known rapper on this list. That doesn't mean he doesn't deserve more fans, because he does. Roger is a Texas rapper with a fast, hard hitting flow, reminiscent of an early 2000's Eminem, and like number five on this list, Roger could be considered a YouTube rapper, although he doesn't come off as one. He even has a song with CHVSE called, "Night Til Dawn." Roger can be a lyrical Eminem, all while talking about cars, jewelry, and women, combining the best of old school hip-hop, with modern hip-hop. His style varies depending on the song you listen to. You can get a hard hitting, fast, edgy style with, "Train of Thought," a laid back, chill-hop style with, "Mom I'll Never," and, "Memory," and you can even get a sad, story-telling song with tracks like, "Discretion," and his first public song dedicated to his mom, "Thank You." Out of this whole list Roger has the furthest way to go before finding fame, but one thing is for sure, he has the talent to get there.

Best tracks: "Discretion," "Mom I'll Never," "Memory," "Rottweiler." 

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10 Musicians Taking Over the Underground Hip-Hop Scene
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